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  1. eborej

    Lets see them Tokai's

    1980 LS-120 OS
  2. eborej

    Anyone know when fujigen started the FGN house brand?

    Earliest example that I could find is this 2002 FGN OS-5:
  3. eborej

    Vintage Unidentified MIK Les Paul Copy

    The knobs on your guitar can be found on Sekova fuzz wedges from the 60's so the guitar might be older than you think:
  4. eborej

    NGD: 1980 MIJ Tokai "Reborn Old"

    Congrats! I agree that it's likely a LS-50 since it was the only 1980 LS model with a 3 piece maple top.
  5. eborej

    Checking on Tokai LS 80 Goldtop

    The finish on the early LS-80 gold tops was a lot thinner than the other LS-80s at the time. My '80 LS-80 GT has play wear down to the maple and checking all over the place for good reason:
  6. eborej

    Need Help Identifying Burny

    1987 Dyna Gakki Burny. If it's a plain top then probably a RLG-50.
  7. eborej

    Unofficial official anything GRECO theory photo id related thread

    Likely either an EG500T or EG450T as you mentioned. If it has the originals then they are either Maxon U-1000 or UD ceramic pickups. Congrats on your 1st LP.
  8. eborej

    Shipping options - multiple guitars Zenmarket

    I've had Zenmarket ship many packages containing 2 guitars and have never had any issues. I always have any guitars susceptible to neck breaks in cases. I've had some guitars that could withstand a drop only in bubble wrap and packed with something like a LP in a case without a problem...
  9. eborej

    NGD: Tokai LS-95 VF

    Congrats! Looks lovely. Definitely prefer the VF over the HB. Enjoy!
  10. eborej

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Very nice. What's the neck profile on this '81 SE500?
  11. eborej

    Upper-mid range MIJ copies: Greco EG59-70, Orville by Gibson, Bacchus Pre Serial, Bacchus Duke, Crews KTR LS-01, or?

    Greco EG59-70 had a poly finish. Also that model started out as a plain top in '82 but then was no longer in the lineup by '85 and came back around '88 until '90 with a flame veneer top. Given your budget in the current used market your options are low to mid range LPs and most of those have...
  12. eborej

    Opinions on this Tokai

    There was nothing in the listing for this guitar providing evidence that it is a TLS100. If you look at the 1983-84 Tokai catalog specs for the TLS60, 80 & 100 they are very similar. If there isn't a model sticker on the back of the headstock and with the original PUs gone there may not be any...
  13. eborej

    FS 2005 Tokai LS-150

    Incredible flame top. 2005 was a special year for LS150s because Tokai used flamed maple on them that you would normally see on their top end LS200 & LS320 models back then. If I didn't already have one I would jump on this.
  14. eborej

    Lets see your Tokai LS80s!

    1978 Brown Sunburst
  15. eborej

    Looking to buy my first tokai/Navi

    If you look at the specs for the Navigator N-LP on the ESP website you'll notice that the grip shape is "Thick U". Most Navigator N-LPs after 1999 have this type of neck profile so if you're not into thick necks then you might want to consider another brand.
  16. 1990 Greco EGS-650 LM

    1990 Greco EGS-650 LM

  17. 1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Full Front

    1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Full Front

  18. 1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Full Back

    1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Full Back

  19. 1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Body Front

    1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Body Front

  20. 1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Body Back

    1990 Greco EGS-650 LM - Body Back

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