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  1. strat

    Possible NGD TODAY!!! Epiphone Les Paul Custom!

    I'm looking at scoring one of these for 150! Pics to come. :fingersx::fingersx::fingersx: Any thoughts? What are these actually worth? I see them used between 300-500. That's a pretty big gap IMO
  2. strat

    1999 Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Burstbuckers 1+2, Gibson Deluxe Tuners

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard, some minor imperfections, it appears to have been dropped on the bottom strap button, most of the flaws are on the back, and still they are not bad. The knobs are a mismatched set and one is cracked. The tuners are a set of Gibson Deluxe, and the pickups are burst...
  3. strat

    Parts List! Need help!

    Okay guys, We have that drawer of parts that we hang on to "just in case" but probably will never need. I'll help you out and buy some if you have what I need :D Okay, here's the list: 2 sets of chrome/ nickel mounting rings screws 1 set of gold mounting rings screws 4 epiphone amber hi hat...
  4. strat

    NGD TIMES 7!!!! FOR 250!!! A Guitar a Day

    Some of you may have read the "Possible NGD Times 6".... the deal finally went through and I wound up with 7 for 250!!!!:naughty::naughty: So Instead of 7 threads and write ups, I'll write up one a day, each day of this week and post photos as I go and end it with a group shot of my now 10...
  5. strat

    Epiphone Slash Snakepit..... Is this one?

    I'm seeing one for 250...... Is this a good deal?
  6. strat

    NPD?-Boss Acoustic Simulator

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about grabbing one of these for awhile anybody have one and feel very strongly for OR against them? Thanks
  7. strat

    Why Does Everyone Here Seem To Love Cats?!

    Personally, I hate cats. They're pissy little monsters that bite, scratch, piss and claw at everything. You can't train them either! I don't understand why every member has a picture of a guitar, where you can see their feet, (LOL) and one of a cat in a case. I just don't get it? Why the...
  8. strat

    Possible NGD, NGD, NGD, NGD, NGD and NGD

    That's right... 6. For $250. First off, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top with 1980's Gibson pickups and wiring harness, Second, Epiphone Flying V Third and Fourth, a pair of Jackson Rhoads. One is VERY similar to an LTD (only 200 made.... maybe 1 here) and another very similar but...
  9. strat

    NGD Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top

    Okay, so I posted a thread asking if it was worth the 170 that I was going to spend on it....... AND IT WAS. I got this guitar today, no pickguard. 2 tiny dings and the most DISGUSTING set of strings I've ever seen. S/N: EE05080477 This is my first bound guitar with covered pickups. I am very...
  10. strat

    Is this as good a steal as it seems

    '82 Greco 'Les Paul Custom' what is the value on this guy?
  11. strat

    Any thoughts? VAlue?

    Les Paul
  12. strat

    Possible NGD- Epiphone Les Paul Standard (plain top?)

    Hey guys, I have the possibility of picking up one of these for 175 delivered to my door. Is this a good price? I'll attach the picture that I have of it. What do these usually run for used?
  13. strat

    Why the need for a selector switch?

    A 2 volume les paul. Why does it need a selector switch? can't you just kill the voulme on one and leave the other on alone by itself? and then turn them both on by rolling up the volume? So tell me why it won't work now guys!
  14. strat

    Possible NGD- Sterling Ax20

    I have some questions about this guy. The one I'm looking at has this gay "Rockstar engery drink" paint job stock from the factory. I want to strip it but I can't figure out whats under it. the regular Ax20's are quilted maple, so should this have it too? I don't know. But for as cheap as I'm...
  15. strat

    60's Epiphone Sorrento Project Guitar

    Approx value? What should I pay? and worth the work? 60's Epiphone Sorrento Project Guitar
  16. strat

    What the hell?!

    1980 Gibson Firebrand SG
  17. strat


    Tell us all about that one job/project that came out hideous and you're embarssed to talk about..... we all have one... or two.... possibley 4......:naughty:
  18. strat

    How to get a straight tape off line HELP

    When ever I go to tape off binding, a fretboard, decals, a logo I can never NEVER get the tape line to come out straight. I've tried using one long strip, many little strips and obviously I go slow and try to make the line straight. What do you guys do? Thanks
  19. strat

    Guitar Nut.... HELP

    I have an Agile Al-3000 and I need a new nut for it. I think its a 1 5/8. I don't know though. Does anyone else know? Anything else I need to be aware of? I need to get one and I don't want to spend the 65 I was quoted for a bone one. Any help?
  20. strat

    Tuning Peg Aging?

    I have a piece of junk single peg that I decided to see what happens if I dunked it in vinegar in a sealed jar. I left it for two days. Opened it on the third and some kind of gas came out, also, the cider vinegar that I have it in turned clear. WHAT? :shock: Any chemists know what the hell I...

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