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  1. CyanideJunkie

    Please help me decide between these two R8s!

    Lemon DEFINITELY has more character.
  2. CyanideJunkie

    News? Sun Benders are in stock!

    Dammit they're all gone!
  3. CyanideJunkie

    Got A FUZZ Pedal ???

    Recently got my hands on a HellBilly, made by the late Bob McBroom(RIP). It's hybrid fuzz box, blending a Ge Fuzz Face with a Rangemaster circuit. Awesome range of tones with great clarity and dynamics.
  4. CyanideJunkie

    Boost pedals.

    Lovepedal Eternity. Either as a treble boost into my amp or after my HellBilly.
  5. CyanideJunkie

    Bare knuckle

    They're both great pups. I have a R8 loaded with Mules and it's a great, really versatile instrument. The Riff Raffs have a tighter edge to them that might make them better for stuff like GnR. FWIW, Tim's favourite combination is a Mule in the neck with a Riff Raff in the bridge.
  6. CyanideJunkie

    Post your Rig...

    Thanks! That, my good man, would be a 2008 '58 Reissue.
  7. CyanideJunkie

    Post your Rig...

    Simple, but effective.
  8. CyanideJunkie

    not liking the tungsols......

    If by "hifi" you mean "linear", then I guess Telefunken would be a good place to start.
  9. CyanideJunkie

    Strap and Cases

    I probably belong to the minority that keeps the strap on when loading the guitar into the case. Then again, it never spends more than 24 hours locked up.
  10. CyanideJunkie

    Question About Epi Les Paul, Vox AC-30 C2 and Fulltone OCD

    Odd. An OCD paired with a Vox amp is usually a decent combination. Care to share your settings? As for your Les Paul, do you ride the volume knob to get cleaner tones? If you don't, the benefits of converting to 50s wiring would be minimal.
  11. CyanideJunkie

    New Pedal Build...Distortus Maximus Clone

    Love the layout! Had the real thing once; really heavy sound, but I traded it for a Guv'Nor MK I.
  12. CyanideJunkie

    How many of you have standalone buffers on their board?

    My Wah sits at the start of my chain and it has a very high quality buffer installed. That way I don't have to worry about signal degradation from my board back to the amp.
  13. CyanideJunkie

    Current Production ECC83's for Marshall Amps.

    Actually, from what I've read the WC is manufactured as a tube with balanced triodes. The WB is the one with higher gain.
  14. CyanideJunkie

    Those living in a flat

    Running it in triode/triode mode gives me a pretty sweet tone at manageable volumes. I've got a Mini Mass on the way in, so I should be able to crank it up some once that happens.
  15. CyanideJunkie

    59 Bassman Tweed RI - opinions/info wanted

    Had one but I traded it for my current amp. 45 watts was just too much power for what I needed! Lovely amp though, extremely pedal-friendly. The 4x10 speaker arrangement also gives it an amazing frequency spread; very round and full. If you get a chance to try one out, don't forget to link the...
  16. CyanideJunkie

    I need a GOOD treble boost, or tone bender pedal.

    Dang, that looks nice! How much are you thinking of letting it go for?
  17. CyanideJunkie

    NGD: After years of drooling.....its finally here (68 RI)

    Very nice! Always felt that a black Custom looked more badass with nickel hardware.
  18. CyanideJunkie

    Anyone like plain tops better than flame?

    I remember a post in some obscure forum which said that plaintops resonated better because the straight grain. :lol: But all jokes aside, flametops are nicer to look at but there's something about the raw, rock n roll nature of a stripped-down plaintop that I just love.
  19. CyanideJunkie

    Attenuator impedance-matching

    Thanks! I've emailed George Alessandro and he basically said the same thing.
  20. CyanideJunkie

    Attenuator impedance-matching

    My local store has an used Alessandro Attenuator in stock, but only the 8 ohm version. My AC15HTVH head can be switched to an 8 ohm output, but my speaker load is rated at 16 ohms. My question is if it's safe to run an 8 ohm load out from the attenuator into a 16 ohm speaker. I've ran across...

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