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  1. moreles

    11th Gibson Les Paul

    I read a lot about people searching for some ultimate guitar, and just as much about people building a horde of variants of the same model. I find this interesting because I honestly don't understand either approach -- at all. Speaking only for myself, experience shows me that playing a few...
  2. moreles

    2002 Studio Premium Plus

    You can find the latch parts on the web. I had to remove and then replace a latch when someone locked up a guitar without knowing the combo. Beautiful Studio. I've grown to dislike the ugly pinky-cream of the Standard binding, which in its single-ply form is a cheapo move anyhow. I really like...
  3. moreles

    Some problem with a little sapwood how bad is it?

    I second this comment. Obviously, we can't all get all the optimal materials and supplies we might want, so we make compromises, but mahogany sapwood is a material to be avoided if at all possible. Doing the patch was a good move. Given all the time and labor involved in making a guitar, using...
  4. moreles

    R8 disaster!

    Of course you should get it fixed. It's a valuable guitar and we should take care of our stuff. That is not a major repair at all and it is entirely probable that it can be fixed invisibly. There's no need to do anything near the inlay, and it's just freaking black paint on the face, and that...
  5. moreles

    Slash Signature Rossa Corsa

    I'm cautious, so I'm going to wait another decade until Gibson produces its 357th Slash variant, at which point I think they will have perfected whatever the hell it is that may possibly be left to do with a so-called Slash signature model. Isn't Slash himself bored to death with this by now...
  6. moreles

    When I was a kid there was a saying

    Nobody ever told me that. Never heard it. Not my experience. IMO, you have to fight badly set up guitars whatever the make. Even with the shorter scale, I don't find LPs to generally have remarkably fast, easy-playing necks. My own "untouchable, thing of beauty" player is a CS Strat with a John...
  7. moreles

    Is this authentic?

    Not an authentic Black Beauty. Not even close. It's a nice-ish Studio version of the Custom, with a really ugly (in this context, where the guitar is black, and traditional Customs have ebony boards) fretboard. I'm sure it plays well and sounds good.
  8. moreles

    Reverb vs Ebay as a seller

    As many have noted, both EBay and Reverb are far less attractive than they used to be. The fees and income tax exposure on both really erode the seller's revenues. The sales tax collected is an additional loss. I moved this year and sold a bunch of stuff, some of it pricey, mostly on EBay, and...
  9. moreles

    Les Paul with twisted head stock

    Yes, I think the pics do a good job. As long as you make a direct statement of the matter and say "see pictures" you are in the proper and honorable position. I would not personally say much about playability because that is subjective and it is too easy for someone to disagree. Many LPs have...
  10. moreles

    Is the classic going to be lighter than a standard?

    Gotta remember this. Never assume that weight relief and chambering means a lighter guitar., or even a light guitar. As some posters have said, it could well be that the chambered guitars start out with way too heavy bodies and the chambering (which is just a bit of wood removal after all) helps...
  11. moreles

    How much would my Sunburst 1978 LP Deluxe be worth?

    That looks like a nice guitar, with normal wear and a few excess wear/minor damage areas. The wear eliminates it from collector consideration, but they're not looking for that model anyway. The reason you can't get a consensus price is because Deluxes like yours sell for widely different amounts...
  12. moreles

    Mahogany, oh Mahogany!

    The OP was a confused and confusing mashup of facts and nonsense, and in the years since, the situation has gotten even more confusing, and worse. The efforts of mass makers like Martin (with its "mahogany" policy) and Gibson to cloud the matter for their own benefit have been successful. I love...
  13. moreles

    Question about Gibsons mahogany wood

    "Fine" and "heartwood" are undefined generalizations. I can only guess that Gibson will have some verbiage that expresses the intent to source the highest quality of mahogany. I doubt if they'll add "within budget" or "as available" or "light weight." All this stuff is relative. I sincerely...
  14. moreles

    So one of the 2022 "Greeny" limited edition LP's is now on Reverb for $85,000

    The value of this item is utterly subjective. What buyers (for this) consider to be worth loads of $$$ is for the most part of no monetary value at all to me, personally. This one will be "worth" whatever the final buyer decides to pay. And that will establish its value -- to that one person...
  15. moreles

    Flame Top AAA vs Carved Maple

    You're right in all respects. Apparently, most posters didn't read the question correctly, and equally apparently, few posters, notably the OP, don't really know what flame is, or how the appearance of wood changes from its surface appearance when we carve into the interior.
  16. moreles

    ye who hesitates ... you know the rest

    I applaud anyone using existing stuff instead of just feeding the manufacturing giants who are happy to produce more megatons of material stuff that gets packaged and shipped. By the time you unbox anything, a whole lot of $$ and value has been used up making cardboard, fueling semis, etc. I...
  17. moreles

    . never drill holes on a Marshall

    ??? Not a myth, but a standard, simple, reversible mod that makes many Marshalls more usable for some players. Sure, it's debated a lot, but it's not some bizarre desecration or unfounded notion. It's just a cap that passes tons of highs -- too much, for some. As for the Friedman thing, thanks...
  18. moreles

    Tim Shaw pickups

    '87 is a good year for some Gibson models, and some of those do indeed have the remaining Shaws installed. Apparently, by '87 Norlin had sold off Gibson to new owners -- the infamous Henry J group -- and the new regime was undertaking to show that Gibson could still build them like they used to...
  19. moreles

    Your thoughts on this one?

    It will take a rare person to value a very poorly executed somewhat ugly decorative recarving of what was originally a good guitar. The carving is a poor match for the actual nature and form of the guitar. It would perhaps have pleased the former owner, but the number of other people seeking...
  20. moreles

    Brazilian Boards

    I'm a tonewood advocate and an "everything makes a difference" player and maker, but even so would make no case for Brazilian in current or recent builds. In the market, there is value to Brazilian because the market says there is; it's expected on older vintage instruments, and apparently...

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