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  1. Kossfinger

    Reply to review by 'Kossfinger' on item 'Gibson 2003 Les Paul Classic 3-Pickups'

    Nice job on the review. Certainly a more affordable version of the lpr7, with different specs!
  2. Kossfinger

    Review by 'Kossfinger' on item 'Marshall model 1987 50w amp'

    I’ve spent most of my years around these amps. Love em despite their shortcomings. Fantastic tones!
  3. Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    This amp uses a pair of el34 output tubes, with 12ax7a tubes in the preamp. Called a 50w amp by Marshall, this amp evolved from the earlier Jtm45 amps. It uses a solid state rectifier, instead of the gz34 tube, found in jtm45 and jtm50(black flag) amps. This amp has more bite than its early...

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