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  1. jimmyohio75

    NAD: Marshall DSL20HR.

    Picked this up today at GC. It arrived a day early. Have only played it for about 25 minutes but I can already tell that it is much improved over the previous version. Most notable is the ultra gain channel. No more fizzy, harsh, overly bright high gain sounds. Much easier to dial in useable...
  2. jimmyohio75

    NAD: Orange Rocker 30 (with effects loop mod)

    I have had Rocker 30’s on two separate occasions over the past 10 years. I sold them both due to the lack of an effects loop. I use Reverb, delay and vibe pedals quite a bit. After searching for an amp with glorious British crunch that was raw, punchy, in your face and FAT I came to the...
  3. jimmyohio75

    I thought all of the 2011-2012 Classic Customs had baked maple??

    There is a 2012 Classic Custom on Craigslist near me and the seller claims that his has a rosewood board, not baked maple. Did Gibson make some CC's with Rosewood back in 2011-2012?
  4. jimmyohio75

    2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute PLUS

    Have you seen this at Wildwood? Heritage cherry sunburst, 57 classic pickups, locking Grover tuners, hard case. $989 shipped. Seems like some nice upgrades to the standard Tribute.
  5. jimmyohio75

    Hey Tribute lovers, join our little club......

    Are you on Facebook? Do you own a Tribute? Join our group. Just a bunch of ultra cool guys and gals that like to fawn over, talk about and post pictures of our Tributes.
  6. jimmyohio75

    NGD: New Gold Top Day- 2017 Tribute T

    Picked up this bad boy today at GC. It was marked down $150 for Guitar-a-thon. Could not leave it in the store. This one is crazy light, only 7.3 lbs. Love it. Need to get it set up but overall it is a worthy addition to the herd!! The big question.....add poker chip or no????? Some pics.....
  7. jimmyohio75

    2017 Tribute T Les Paul price increase??

    I just noticed that Sweetwater has increased the price of the 2017 Tribute T by $100. Was $899, now $999. What gives? GC, MF and other retailers are still showing $899.
  8. jimmyohio75

    NAD: Marshall DSL40C

    Snagged this off Craigslist. My first Marshall! Love it. Pristine cleans to brutal gain. Very versatile. This one has the upgraded Creamback speaker. Sounds glorious with my Les Paul. Likes to be cranked. Sounds best loud.
  9. jimmyohio75

    NGD- It's "Special"

    This is my first NGD in over 3 years. It seems that my full time job and family responsibilities are getting in the way of my raging gear habit. I have always had a thing for LP Specials, especially ones with humbuckers. This is a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special Pro. It was a limited run for GC. It...
  10. jimmyohio75

    Has anyone kept the stock speaker in their DSL40c and been happy about it?

    Currently looking to get a Marshall DSL40c. It seems universal that everyone hates the stock speaker. Is anyone happy with it? Is the Creamback the way to go? What about the V30?
  11. jimmyohio75

    Why is this specific model LP selling for 20-30% more used than when new

    I have been a big fan of the Les Paul Special SL (sans lacquer). I have owned many of them. This was a limited run LP sold at GC and MF between 1998 and 2006. It is an LP Special with humbuckers. They are very light and sound great. These come up for sale all the time. This model sold for $599...
  12. jimmyohio75

    FS: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special (P-90's)....SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Calling all Gibson P-90 fans. This is a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special with P-90's. It has the satin vintage sunburst finish. The bound neck is super fast 60's slim style. This may be the best neck I have ever played. Guitar is very light, weighing in around 6.7...
  13. jimmyohio75

    NGD: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special (P-90's)

    I got this from a guy on Craigslist today. Got it for a ridiculously low price of $420. He also threw in a small practice amp and a real nice Gibson strap. This is only my second guitar with P-90's. I sold the other one about 2 years ago. I wanted to give P-90's another chance. I love the...
  14. jimmyohio75

    After years of searching I finally found "The One"!!

    My wife thinks I am crazy. My bandmates call me psycho. My kids just laugh at me. Why? Because I have bought and sold 14 different Les Paul's in the past 4 years. I have been on an obsessive search for "the one". You know, people talk about finding "The one". This would be the perfect guitar...
  15. jimmyohio75

    NGD: LP Studio Deluxe.....Pickguard or no? Help me decide.

    Just got this delivered today. It's a 2009 Les Paul Studio Deluxe in Vintage Sunburst. It is supposed to have the 60's neck profile but it seems to be more like a rounded 50's to me. It is definitely chunkier than any other 60's neck that I have played. Maybe someone can confirm whether Gibson...
  16. jimmyohio75

    FS: MXR Phase 90.......SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!!

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!!:applause: MXR Phase 90 with box. Great shape. Velcro on bottom. $50 shipped/paypalled No Trades
  17. jimmyohio75

    FS: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard...(blue mist)...SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD:applause: REDUCED TO $1,400!!! This is a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Blue Mist finish. It is in great shape with the exception of 2 small spots on the front where the paint has chipped off.(see pics). This one has the 60's neck and Burstbucker pickups...
  18. jimmyohio75

    Studio Deluxe-Snagged on E-Bay...What color is it?

    I snagged a 2009 Les Paul Studio Deluxe from E-Bay just now. I pulled the trigger right away because it was a great deal. Got it for $700 plus $20 for shipping. Great price for one of these. It has one ding but I can live with it. I contacted the owner (after I paid for it) and asked him...
  19. jimmyohio75

    NGD: 2012 Gibson Les Paul Std.......(Blue Mist)

    This is my first Standard. I have had plenty of Specials, Studio's, Juniors and even a Trad Pro but this is Standard numero Uno. I just got done playing it for the past 45 minutes. Ears are ringing. Plays great!! Loving it!!! Love Les Paul's!! Pics suck but here they are.....
  20. jimmyohio75

    Anyone familiar with this new Studio? It has 57 classics.

    It looks to be exclusive to MF, GC and Music 123. It is called the Les Paul Studio VG Flame. Flame top, maple neck and 57 classic PU's. Only $999. I have been looking for a Studio with 57's for a long time. This may be my next guitar!!:dude: Only decision left now: Caramel Burst or...

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