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    Choosing a Guitar to mod.

    I have a Gretsch Electromatic solid top, which I love. I also have an Ibanez RG321MH, it has a rather convenient fixed bridge, but everything about both is stock. I really enjoy learning, so I really want to mod my own Guitar. Should I choose one of the Guitars I already have, or buy a new...
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    Solid-State Amp Suggestions?

    I'm putting a list of gear to get, and nothing more. On this list needs to be an amp I thinks. I want a good quality Solid State amp with a great clean sound, and no fx. Why Solid-State? I prefer Solid-State amps because they can take a beating, they stay clean longer and you don't have...
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    A Touch of Flavour

    I've been looking for a pedal to add a little flavour to my sound, since I've got a good OD, Wah and Flanger. I've been told to get a Delay or a Chorus, but then I've recently been digging the Tremolo. I've had a Chorus pedal, everybody uses Chorus and I'm trying to be a little different. This...
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    Suggestions for a Noise gate?

    I'm looking for a good Noise gate. It has to be nice and small, and I want to keep it on my board, no racks or anything. I don't want a noise gate that will have to go to the amps fx loop, as my amp isn't that loud, just that my pedals can give a little hiss n hum. I thoghut about the MXR...
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    TeleDog is right!

    TeleDog is right! By simply breaking two small clips on the circuit board of my DS1 it's alot better! It's more open, think vintage distortion like AC/DC and Led Zep. It's so much louder! I might now drop the guts of my DS1 into a new shell, it isn't worthy of that Orange ugly box!
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    The Wall.

    I've hit it. And hard. Whenever I pick up my Guitar I can't think of what to play. Any good tabs, magazines or books I should learn from?
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    The best pedal you've ever used!

    What's that special pedal that you have, or have had that just kicks some ass? C'mon, we all have one :dude:
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    You're on a Desert Island.

    You have your favourite Guitar, favourite Amp and 3 pedals. What pedals do you have and why?
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    Addition to the 'Board.

    Howdy, Any ideas for a new additions to the pedalboard? I play Hard Rock, Blues and Metal. I'm looking for either: Compressor Delay Flanger Boost Birthday coming up soon, getting a Crunchbox from my Mum. My Dad is up to get me whatever I guess.
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    Advice Needed.

    How can I get my hands on an MI Audio Crunch Box? I'm from the UK, and the Crunch Boxes are in Australia. Because of the different currencies I havn't a clue what price they are, where I can get them from or what. You're advice please :)
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    Gretsch pickups.

    The Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet Solid Body, is the pickups in that mini humbuckers?
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    Favourite MI Audio Product?

    What's your favourite MI Audio pedal? My friend is thinking of buying one, so I told him I'd ask the MLP'ers. So then, what is your favourite MI Audio Pedal?
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    Stuff it.

    I've given up my search for my ultimate drive pedal. They're eitehr too expensive, discontinued or just a one trick pony. I wanted a thick smooth versatile distortion pedal. Stuff It! I'm just gonna get the best Boss pedal (I'm feeling pretty uninspired) and use that. So what's the most...
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    'Wall of Tone'

    How do metal and rock players get that wall of tone? Humbucker equipped Guitar through a valve amp with a Big Muff??
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    Ernie Ball Strings.

    Howdy, I've been using D'Darrio strings alot, but once i needed new strings and they weren't in stock. I grabbed Ernie Balls .10's and they're still bright over 5 months on. What do you prefer? Ernie Ball or D'Darrio? I also might go back to .9's...
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    Immense Gain Pedal!!

    Yeti It sounds so nice! It sounds so lush, even when it's in hi gain mode. It doesn't sound fizzy, it sounds really even and consistent and creamy. If money wasn't an issue, I'd have one!
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    Quickly Cleaning.

    I want to quickly clean my Guitar without restringing ect. I just need to get my cloth clean and I can begin. I just want to get rid of the finger marks and anything else. Should I use the cloth dry, or should I use a touch of warm water?
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    Just had my Guitar Lesson.

    Hey, I've just had my Guitar lesson and we learnt a jazz lick and part of a country lick. As a rock/metal guitarist, try jazz. It will sort your brain and fingers out a treat, with loads of tiny nuances and things. Busier the music, the more rewarding it is when you can play it perfect.
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    The Ultimate List.

    Hey, I did make a thread, but sadly my list has changed again. When my pedals sell and I get a nice £190 to splash on pedals, I'll also e on amplifier hunting. Back to the pedals, this is my list of pedals to buy with £190. I've also written the things I like and hate about it...
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    Pickup Advice Wanted :)

    Hey, What's the best pickup for a bit of drive. I want more of that Les Paul grunt, but it's hard with stock Gretsch pickups. The Gretsch is a solid body electromatic, and before you go on and say it won't work because it's a gretsch, let me say something. This guitar can deliver the...

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