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    Vintage 1980 or 69 Deluxe.

    This one's really confused. Heading says vintage 1980 Deluxe. The description says custom 69 but the serial says 1980 model. Start bidding at $4000.00 and sell for $25,000.00 what a price. :wow...

    Really worried about the girlfriend.

    I am currently healing up after foot surgery three weeks ago. My girlfriend has been taking care of me as I have been staying in our room and keeping it elevated. She brings me my meals, and medication, and has been there with me keeping me company. She also washes my long hair as I have to keep...

    Getting a bit anxious about up coming surgery.

    I am just a bit worried about my foot surgery on this Tuesday. The Dr. is going to fix my big toe I injured a while ago. I keep re injuring the dam thing as it points downward now. They will remove the cartilage and then straighten using a plate and screws. The Dr. says it won't have an effect...

    Static troubles!

    My MIM Telecaster has always given me troubles with static from the pickguard area. When I play I get popping sounds and crackling noise through to the amp. Recently I installed new pickups in the standard Telecaster single coil form and new blade switch. I also installed copper shielding tape...

    Jay Leno Crashes while passenger in Hemi Under Glass Barracuda

    Wow sad a car like this is mangled but it's one wild crazy ride. Leno was a passenger while car was driven by stunt driver Bob Riggle filming for Leno's show. :wow:

    Photo's of the ole gang.

    My son got done painting the room so I decided to snap a few shots of the ole guitars. He chose the room color so it accidentally goes along with my two Fenders and the Gibson goes with just about any color. Maybe I can trick him into doing more painting. :hmm:

    Daughter going away for a year.

    Last time she had to do her service she went to Colorado Springs for a year which was cool cause I took my vacation to visit her. This time she will be going back to Fort Hood, Tx. She was there for a short time after basic training. In Colorado she worked helping vets returning to civilian life...

    It always worked for the Duke boys!

    Or how to destroy a Ford Raptor in 20 seconds or less. I mean really isn't this a no brainer or are people just really this dumb. Come on guys! If God had meant for raptors to fly he would have made Pterodactyls out of em.:laugh2: Ford Raptor jumps 90 ft. to its death. :wow: Maybe he should...

    Played my first Epiphone.

    A few months ago I went to check out my first guitar teachers store. He is mainly a Fender dealer and I went there to try some Strats. I played both USA, MIM, and the guitars made in Indonesia. I ended up buying a 50's Vibe model which I really love how it plays, sounds, really everything about...
  10. ZWILDZR1

    Ohio Zoo Kills Gorilla to Save Boy.

    What a story this must have been terrible. I think it was last week I saw something about a big cat being killed when a man was in with the animals. The boy crawled under a rail and fence then fell in the water in this case. The Zoo quickly decided to shoot the Gorilla fearing for the child's...
  11. ZWILDZR1

    The New Strat and old Tele with some changes.

    New Strat 50's vibe. Love it! :applause: My Tele with some changes. New Fender vintage style bridge. Brandon Wound 50's pickups. New pots, caps, knobs, and switch tip, complete rewire.
  12. ZWILDZR1

    A few photo's of the latest changes I made to my Custom.

    New Tuners: Grover Rotomatic Milk Bottles. Vintage truss rod cover New pots and caps Newer pickups from Brandon Wound Pots I had just got from Matt before he closed.
  13. ZWILDZR1

    Long lines under guitar finish?

    I will try and explain this so it makes sense. I have noticed long straight lines that appear to be deep inside the finish of my black custom. The lines are on the top of the body and run from the bottom toward the neck and are between the poker chip and the pickup rings. They are say about 1...
  14. ZWILDZR1

    New Tuners for my Custom.

    Today I installed a set of the Grover 18:1 milk bottle vintage style tuners to my 01 68 Reissue. I really like them and the guitar tunes easier with the finer adjustment. So now I have a set of shiny new nickel tuners on my guitar. The originals had some nice things going on with the nickel...
  15. ZWILDZR1

    Bad A** 71 Trans Am Road Racing. Awesome Car!

    I came across this awhile ago it's really cool to see this car and how competitive these older machines can be. The guys name is Roger Bolliger. It's in two parts but worth watching. :applause:
  16. ZWILDZR1

    Really Cheap Deal on LP Custom

    Here is a real unbelievable deal on what looks to be a real LP Custom. Going by the photo's it's a real Gibson LP Custom. But $1000.00 for a guitar without any issues seems to good to be true. Seller only has 20 for his feed back so he's new. :hmm: Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar | eBay
  17. ZWILDZR1

    Have you seen this guy ?

    I wanted to share Unknown Hinson playing Voodoo Child. About half way through he starts playing another song you should recognize. Unknown Hinson does the voice for Early Cuyler of The Squidbillies. The vocals are not too good cause you can't hear them so well but he plays pretty dam good. He...
  18. ZWILDZR1

    I am loving my new cheap guitar.

    Ok so I have done work to my Tele installing new pickups and made a few changes. I also just installed a different set in my LP Custom along with new electronics and it's staying this way. But I find I am playing the 50's Vibe Squier the most not touching the others as much. I like it a lot. It...
  19. ZWILDZR1

    What would you do if?

    You hit the lotto for hundreds of millions. I bet you guys would have some really great ideas. For me I would want to start my own business. I would want to make it around the things I love. To start with I would open a super store that is a restaurant/bar that we just happen to sell, Corvettes...
  20. ZWILDZR1

    Seller is Dilusional or Smoked too much weed.

    I just had to post this ebay ad for two 1970's Les Pauls bought originally by this seller. One is a 1973 black Custom and the other is a 76 wine red Deluxe. Both these guitar have been played and have some issues from usage. Scratches, bumps, hardware finish wear, etc. Even so this seller thinks...

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