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  1. tazzboy

    Mesa Boogie 1x12 Open Back EVM12L SOLD!

    This is the Mesa Boogie 1x12 Cabinet with EVM12L. There is a lot Tolex wear and tear and there is a bit of tear on the grill clothe bottom right hand side (I see picture). The hand also is broken too, but no that would hinder it 's performance . If you have any questions or concerns please feel...
  2. tazzboy

    Looks at this Guardian Angel

  3. tazzboy

    Look at this snake

  4. tazzboy

    For Sale. Pedals sale

    Up for sale I have 5 petals and Voodoo Lab Power Pedal 2 Plus Demeter Mid Boost Pedal $125 Amptweaker Swirlpool Tremolo / Vibrato (Mod with Stereo outputs by James Brown) $155.00 Boss RV-2 $90.00 Boss RV-6 $125.00 HomeBrew Electronics detox eq SOLD! The price include Shipping and PayPal...
  5. tazzboy

    SOLD Voodoo Lab/DMC System Mix Plus

    This is the Voodoo Lab / DMC System Mix Plus. It is rack mountable and comes with power supply and original box.
  6. tazzboy

    SOLD: Custom Audio Electronics Super Tremolo $680

    Custom Audio Electronics Super Tremolo If you are looking at the for real, you know what it is. Bob does not make these anymore and its truly the very best Tremolo out there, PERIOD! superb quality and unfortunately because parts are no longer available for it, he had to discontinue this years...
  7. tazzboy

    SOLD: RJM Effect Gizmo $600

    Up for sale here is my RJM effects gizmo. Barely used and in perfect condition. You can run 12 mono loops, use it for ch switcher, stereo effects, etc. it’s been in my rack. Perfect interface for a rjm mastermind gt or any midi foot controller.
  8. tazzboy

    SOLD Boss RV70 Digital Reverb Effects Processor $75.00

    This is Boss RV-70 Digital Single Processor. This unit is in good working order. It has both Reverb and Delay
  9. tazzboy

    SOLD: TC 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus + Flanger $1,200.00

    The TC1210 Chorus + Flanger is the perfect mate to the TC 2290 Dynamic Delay. Both effects can be ran two separate units, or together in stereo. It is 100% stock , and has never subjected to smoke or touring. With exception to a few small marks in the top and bottom, this unit is in like-new...
  10. tazzboy

    SOLD Marshall JMP-1 Preamp With Voodoo Amps Platinum Mod $1,000.00

    This the Marshall JMP-1 Preamp that has been modify by Voodoo Amps with their Platinum mod there are few scratches to this preamp but the unit does work and come with ac power cord. Also the right rackmount is slightly bent .
  11. tazzboy

    SOLD: Voodoo Lab (DMC) System Mix $375.00

    This is a Used Ultra-Rare Digital Music Corp System Mix discontinued by Voodoo Labs. Original Power pack and owners manual included. System Mix is a dual stereo line level audio mixer designed specifically for electric guitar systems. With Stereo Mix, you can combine the line level outputs of...
  12. tazzboy

  13. tazzboy

    SOLD: Weber Bias Rite Meter 2+2

    Hi all Up for sale is the Ted Weber Bias Rite Meter it is a 2+2 with 2 8 pin octal (for power tubes) and 2 9 pin (for Rectifiers) I used this when I had a 57 Tweed Twin RI, but since I no longer have that amp I need to sell this. My asking Price is $100.00. USA Only please no...
  14. tazzboy

    Come check out this new video that I saw.

    You will like it
  15. tazzboy

    Rig Rundown The Edge

  16. tazzboy

    MLP Server must be slow

    It has to be or my internet connection is.
  17. tazzboy

    Marshall EL34 100/100 Dual Monobloc Amp 2001-----SOLD!
  18. tazzboy

    RIP Matt "Guitar" Murphy

    88 years old
  19. tazzboy

    John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons New song Holy Grail

    Take a listen
  20. tazzboy

    RIP 49ERS WR Dwight Clark

    ALS Sucks

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