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  1. MrWrong

    rock heiress dead

    I long ago posted a video of a Ed Roman rant where he has 'harvesting' parts (mostly necks) from doner Gibson's by chopping off the bodies with a hand-axe, it was a video about the non-availability of parts to guitar repair shops.
  2. MrWrong

    Case recommendations

    You can get current issue lightly used (basically new) cases from stratosphere, I like the carbon-fiber hp cases, but they don't have those very often, like the circa 2007 black with dark gray interior, good luck!
  3. MrWrong

    RIP Joe Diffie

    Country artist and former Gibson guitar employee has passed away with complications from the covid19 virus.
  4. MrWrong

    Kenny Rogers is dead

  5. MrWrong

    2020 VOS Iced Tea R9

    Very nice top!
  6. MrWrong

    NGD: '60s Standard Unburst

    Fine looking guitar!
  7. MrWrong

    Step aside Shakira!

    Aren't you suppose to ask someone to hold your beer for you first?
  8. MrWrong

    NGD: Crazy Premium Plus Top Standard

    Very nice top!
  9. MrWrong

    Is this a legit Gibson Les Paul

    about 10 years ago these fakes with the wonky serial number had flooded the market from Tradetang and Ali*. in addition to the obvious issues they had multi-piece (layered) neck heel and a scarf joint near the headstock both concealed by the paint job, and goofy often non-functional truss rods.
  10. MrWrong

    Is this a legit Gibson Les Paul

    Looks like a fake to me, based on the appearance of the phony serial number.
  11. MrWrong

    Bob Shane has passed away

    Founding member of the KingstonTrio. He is the singer on this song:
  12. MrWrong

    Does this Les Paul seem legit?

    It's legit!
  13. MrWrong

    real or fake...

    Looks legit to me.
  14. MrWrong

    Dear "news" networks.......

    WHAT!! Harvey Weinstein is being impeached!
  15. MrWrong

    Real or Fake?? Please help.

    Looks legit, don't see any red flags.
  16. MrWrong

    Is this a genuine Gibson Les Paul?

    No, it's a Chinese counterfeit,also the serial number has been used before, and an '06 Custom would have a CS prefix on it ( any event that isn't a '01 serial number) as well the other mentioned defects.
  17. MrWrong

    Adventures of Jon and Dave....guitar safari.

    Sounds like a great trip!
  18. MrWrong

    My Ferrari Arrived Today

    Cool ride!

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