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  1. Gretev1

    Out-of-phase tone; Les Paul Custom vs Peter Green Les Paul

    The middle position of a stock 1957 Les Paul Custom 3 pickup will activate the middle and bridge pickups in concert. This yields a very nasal, trebly tone. Peter Greens burst is famous for it‚s middle position tone. Apparently the magnets inside the bridge pickups were flipped make it out of...
  2. Gretev1

    Can Derek Trucks play in Standard Tuning?

    Derek Trucks is known as probably the best blues slide guitarist in this galaxy. He has been playing slide guitar in open e tuning since he was a small kid, emulating his greatest guitar hero, Duane Allman. I have seen Derek Trucks play live twice and have seen countless Youtube footage of his...
  3. Gretev1

    See bobbin color without removing pickup covers?

    Is it possible to view the color of the pickup bobbins on a Les Paul guitat without removing the pickup covers? I have heard numerous people claiming to know the color of the bobbins even though the pickup covers are intact. How is this possible? Do stock Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 2 pickups...
  4. Gretev1

    Share „special“ serial numbers!

    Please share stories of guitars with special serial numbers. They can also be of numbers that hold some special meaning to you! I own a 2010 Gibson 1960 Les Paul VOS with serial number 001300 , which is kind of special because it bears the number 13 which is considered an unlucky number by...
  5. Gretev1

    What‘s the latest news on the Eric Clapton Beano Burst having been found? years ago Joe Bonamassa alleged that he knows the whereabouts and current owner of the Beano Burst and further claims that it is in fact a 1959 Les Paul burst. Does...
  6. Gretev1

    Jimmy Page 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 pickup Bigsby

    So a few years ago in 2016 it was announced that Jimmy Pages‘ stolen/lost 1960 Les Paul Custom had been returned to him. I believe Vic Dapra was involved somehow and I even emailed him years ago asking him to expound on the subject. He replied saying that we should wait for Jimmy Page to...

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