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  1. twinrider1

    Explanation For Finish Peeling on Murphy Lab LPs

    It would be hard to write a worse response if you tried. As I read the article, I thought, oh, he must just be the ES guy and I can see him being overly sensitive to temp swings. Nope, Senior Director of Product Development. He's over all of them. Boggles the mind. These aren't Epiphones being...
  2. twinrider1

    I won't be BCRGreg much longer.

    Best of luck as you move forward. I've always enjoyed your threads over the years and appreciate all the knowledge you've shared.
  3. twinrider1

    What's with the OTHER LP Forum?

    Anyone that appreciates Les Pauls should. Without the LPF knowledge base that joined here it would still just be poop-throwing pirate talkers.
  4. twinrider1

    Hung By The Neck Until Dead

    Are you actually undercover Dirk Ziff? :) Yes @Brazilnut, that is a few million dollars in guitars, hanging by tuning pegs. It's only a matter of time until frets and inlays start falling out.
  5. twinrider1

    Adam Jones sigs stolen during shipment

    One by one, the gang of thieves was taken out. The police investigated, but there were no arrests. The only clue connecting the murders, a bag of candy stuffed in the mouth of each victim.
  6. twinrider1

    2013 vs 2019 top carve

    The tenon/neck pocket sets the neck angle. You can think of the neck pivoting at the pocket. The plane of the neck determines the bridge's position in space. The bridge height doesn't determine the neck angle. It's a result of, not the driver of. These days I doubt mahogany/maple...
  7. twinrider1

    1958 Les Paul Special at Goodwill

    Would love to know its history, and how it ended up at Goodwill.
  8. twinrider1

    Anyone here into candle making?

    Container candles are pretty easy to make. You don't list your location, but hopefully there is a candle supply store near enough. They'll be a good source to let you know what basic supplies and ingredients to start off with. There are many different blends of candle wax and more scents...
  9. twinrider1

    Getting Started As A Lutherie Business

    Thank you! I've wondered about this in particular. Also, how do you treat them if you decide to close your business? Are you supposed to sell them to yourself and count that as income for the business?
  10. twinrider1

    Anyone here into R/C Cars?

    I have....wait, I mean my son has....a TLR 22SCT. Looks like this... This model seemed to have one or two weak parts in the front suspension, but after upgrading those the thing has been indestructible. We have a local indoor track that is fun. It's harder than it looks to run consistent...
  11. twinrider1

    She's a 'Free Inhabitant' and she appears to know the law

    My favorite. Love the payoff at the end.
  12. twinrider1

    '73 LP Pots and Caps

    Close, same value, but a little different than mine. I have a Custom that I bought from the original owner. Sold in early '74 with late '73 pots. Hard to make out from my pic. Hope this helps. Black Line Ero Fol W. Germ. 0.022/10/160 (with a P l above the 160)
  13. LPCustom Cavity

    LPCustom Cavity

  14. twinrider1

    '73 LP Caps and Pots

    I replied to your thread over in the Norlin section.
  15. twinrider1

    Computer Question (Again)

    ...with one hand on your butt, to protect your heart. :D
  16. twinrider1

    My evening with Marty Stuart..

    Never met him, but Marty Stuart just always impressed me as the real deal. Beyond his playing, there's just a solid vibe about him as a person. A sincere thank you for sharing. Sure seems to confirm that he's good people.
  17. twinrider1

    Winners from the Red Bull action photo contest

    The Germany shot is my favorite from a photography aspect. The others were more about catching amazing moments, which is cool, but a different thing.
  18. twinrider1

    Who was your favourite Sesame Street Character...

    Cookie Monster was all about the funny. Grover was funny, but he taught too. The genius of SS is how it connects with kids through the funny, and then teaches. Grover didn't come right out and say do this and don't do that. But he'd do something and then leave you thinking about the...
  19. twinrider1

    New Shop is Done- Pictures

    Love the greenhouse idea. All you need is a dumbwaiter so you don't have to lug gear up the stairs.
  20. twinrider1

    Hey non-USA residents... do your citizens separate themselves based on "heritage"?

    Heck yea, they take it a lot further than we do. It's the cause for battle in a bunch of countries.

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