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  1. SGeoff

    The dark side of Medical Marijuana

    Firstly, would like to say that the medical grade chronic has been great. seriously a ton better than opioids for pain, and having access to medical grade eatables and such is awesome. But yesterday, when I went to the dispensary, there was a line out the door, and...
  2. SGeoff

    retired & started a long overdue project-MGBGTV8

    just dragged it out of the barn, and we pulled the engine and transmission, which appear to be ok but will be rebuilt anyhow. this has been in storage for 25 years. Pics will follow...gotta resize some shit or somethin.... :Ohno:
  3. SGeoff

    A sad gig to perform

    this is a first for me. I have been summoned to a dying friends bedside to play him a last tune. I have practiced..can't get thru it without crying. Wish me luck, I'll try not to break down..:confused:
  4. SGeoff

    PRS Zach Myers, FS, or T

    Well, I ran into a problem posting a photo. Until I figure that mess out, its in Trampas Green, is pro set up, has no wear of any kind and 3 hours of total play on it. I got it new for 899, and just never really bonded with it. If anyone has any interest, I'll get a pic...
  5. SGeoff

    ermagerd-no sound from my Phaez

    Hey folks, I've got a 25 watt Corona w/loop that has always been pretty bad ass. Today, turn it on and no guitar sound, only slight hum. determined its not the speaker, instrument or cable. All tubes lit with a healthy glow, as always. WTF could have happened? I have gotten in touch...
  6. SGeoff

    Hey Mesa Heads put your heads together

    Hey folks, bought my first mesa not too long ago. Love that sucker (f30 head) so after a couple of great sounding sessions, it started to squawk on the drive channel. consulting the manual, unwanted noise on channel 2 is usually v2 tube. I look thru my collection, and find I have a NOS RCA...
  7. SGeoff

    Reporting for duty

    just want to say hey, and let ya know that I'm not dead. but i almost am. back went out in a really big bad way. i have not been able to drive walk sit or stand for a month. guitar is out too. but i'm starting therapy and i hope it works, because they are drooling to stick a...
  8. SGeoff

    who knows the mesa f30?

    What is your impression of these? i have a chance to buy a head for a good price, but no chance to try it first. i don't have any mesa amps, but it seems like it might be one of the user friendly ones, not too many knobs, just basic gain treb mid and bass, reverb & master on each of 2...
  9. SGeoff

    bored at work, so ponder this

    I spent part of yesterday watching some football, and I am sure I was not alone in that. I saw the exciting game between the Lions and the Bears, o my. it was a good one. but there was this thing about the half time break. a band played. the intro was somewhat muffled and I didn't...
  10. SGeoff

    classic funk in philly

    saw tower of power, and the average white band last evening at the Keswick, a smallish theater venue that seats maybe 300-350 or so. If you like this type of horn driven funk, both these bands brought it. they were both tight and right, playing songs off both of their new cd's, and the...
  11. SGeoff

    an amp i don't know about question-Mesa mk111

    I don't know these amps, but a buddy who has one asked me if I could put new tubes in it for him. I read up a little and find it is self biasing, so won't be a problem there. Then I read it should have 2 el34's, and 2 6l6's. Well, this thing has a quad of 6l6's in it. Now I don't...
  12. SGeoff

    pre friday wind up

    how do 2 vehicles break at the same time? it may be the beginning of the machines taking over..they are conspiring against me..i have to take vacation time ti fix them so i can get to work:run: having a shop do this type of thing never works out they mostly suck and i end up doing it...
  13. SGeoff

    e-mail blackmail

    my brother got an e-mail, first an apology for poor grammar, English not his 1st language. Then says, I have taken control of your computer. I used the camera to take compromising pictures of your self masturbating while watching porn. If you don't send 1000 euros, I will publish the...
  14. SGeoff

    91 BMW 318is poops the bed

    well its been a good run...and its not done yet. this past weekend what looked like a small coolant leak has revealed itself to be the profile gasket, which calls for removal of the cylinder head. While I have done this type of thing before, I find I am disinclined to do so at this point in...
  15. SGeoff


  16. SGeoff

    Latest touring version of S. Hackett=good

    I am not a huge Genesis fan. But I have respect for Steve Hackett as a guitar player, so when a friend had a spare ticket to see him at the Scottish Rite, a 300 person venue with great sound , I went. Gotta say, great show. Everything they played was really well done, fantastic vocals...
  17. SGeoff

    Just gets worse..

    My mom is 90 now and has been living with us for a year. She still drives, even tho we try to discourage it. It would be a knock down drag out brawl to take her keys, and she might kick my ass. So, she takes her car, 2014 Toyota in for service and comes home with a new car:facepalm...
  18. SGeoff

    who here rides a Hinkley Triumph? bonneville standard or t100

    Anybody got one? I put 70,000 miles on mine before I sold it , for health reasons..I sold all my stuff with the bike. Except, for 1 custom seat. made by Sargent, to replicate the old Bonneville seat, a tuck and roll with white beading around the black vinyl seat. This seat is built on...
  19. SGeoff

    kids still got it..sometimes

    friends of of them traded a very nice Harley to another one for an Alfa Romeo sports car. The Alfa would not start, putting the deal in jeopardy. A local shop was contacted, and had the car for 3 start. Somebody heard thru the grapevine that I used to be pretty good...
  20. SGeoff

    awesome present

    na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BAT MUG!!! a friends kid gave me this for x-mas. don't be jealous. but this mug does give me super powers:fingersx:can't talk about it, but i gots em..

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