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    the official Les Paul Traditional love thread

    My well worn 2012 goldtop Trad;
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    My lovely Goldtop!

    I've had this for nearly four years but I'm still totally in love with it, I've had dozens over the years but this one just feels alive. It can be delicate or rowdy as hell, it just picks up your mood and goes with it. It doesn't really matter that much what pickups I put in it either, it...
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    Here's mine, 2012 Trad with slug pole P90;
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    Really like my 498T more than I thought

    It's worth playing about with pot values. My "grab and go" Les Paul has a 498T and a 57 Classic. The bridge pickup has a 300k pot, is wired 50s style and can be split via a 100k resistor which brings in a treble pass cap at the same time. The neck pickup has a 500k pot and is wired...
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    New PIO Caps. Sound Test

    I give up. Carry on, sorry I spoke.
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    New PIO Caps. Sound Test

    The different methods of capacitor construction, capacitance values and how they interact with potentiometers of different values and taper, the way different wiring schemes load components in radically different ways at different potentiometer settings etc is not science to you? Believe me...
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    New PIO Caps. Sound Test

    You changed to 50s wiring at the same time AND changed the value of at least one of the caps, how can you possibly say the stock caps are poor and the PIOs are an improvement?! You just flunked third grade science, really.
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    Can I have OOP tones with a push/pull and regular 2 lead pickups?

    Ok, it's not impossible and I've seen it done, but it would involve far too much work (insulating the braid from everything else), it would still leave your pickup cover "live" and the whole exercise is a bit silly. Far better and easier to convert one of your pickups to four-conductor to be...
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    Can I have OOP tones with a push/pull and regular 2 lead pickups?

    Is it 2-core and outer braid or single core and outer braid?
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    modern lacquer also ages

    I live in Wales. If I left my guitars outside they'd float away.
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    accelerate aging

    Short attention span alert. :)
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    Pretty sure this one is fake

    People don't sell a "Gibson Les Paul" any more, they'll say if it's a Standard, a Traditional, an Historic etc. It's like saying "Wow, a Fender Stratocaster!" It's a phrase used by people who've never owned one, let alone sold them. It's either a fake or a scam.
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    kill switch?
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    Gotoh aluminum tailpiece shocking revelation!

    That was your mistake. The more you pay, the more difference you hear, it's the MLP formula. You just didn't have enough invested in it for it to be audible.
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    9's on a Les Paul Custom

    You've seen far too much internet mythology and assumption. You're talking about (allowing for slight variations between brands) a 20% tension difference versus a 4% scale length difference, then demanding that people prove black isn't white. For example, Teles and Les Pauls with 9s are far...
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    When did you notice?

    Often we improve the same way we seem to age - in fits and starts. I've been working since 1980 and still make little leaps every couple of years or so. Granted it tends to be more about knowledge and versatility than outright chops these days, but even then I prefer my vibrato technique now...
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    Double Cut Les Paul, Don Barnes of .38 Special

    You're four years too late :)
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    Still Amazes Me

    (Corrected on legal advice) :naughty: Actually, all joking aside and even though I preferred Black Sabbath and Deep Purple at the time, Led Zeppelin undeniably had a mystique and a majesty early on, which you can attribute to talent, hype, drugs...
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    Really like my 498T more than I thought

    I put 498Ts in guitars all the time. If you partially split them via a 100K resistor they stay fat too. The main reason I like them is because they have enough power that I can roll down my tone pot and it retains enough volume to stay balanced with a PAF-style neck pickup. I've been through...
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    50's wiring - why the change?

    By consistency I mean that with modern wiring all four pots do the same job wherever the others are set, whereas with 50s wiring the way the pots interact means that they can behave differently depending on where others are set. For example, with the tone pot at around halfway, the volume can...

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