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    Serial Number questions

    Hi! First of all, I would like to thank all the members of this forum for sharing their knowledge. I have learned a lot over the years on this forum. Now the questions: -What is the difference between, for example, "R9", "CS9" and even "HS9" serial number guitars? Aren´t they the same spec...
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    I started this thread because there is one in the Epiphone forum, and since I believe Gibson Les Pauls get more faked than any other guitars, there should be a place to talk about it, maybe make it a sticky. :hmm:
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    Gibson Japan

    I was looking into the Gibson Japan web site and found some unique and amazing models. The one that impressed me the most was a Flying V with a Bigsby (!!!) Can you believe that? Check it out, it has lots of amazing guitars. Gibson Guitar Corporation Japan :thumb:
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    EPIPHONE Les Paul Standard Mahogany Limited Worn Cherry

    After playing a EPIPHONE Les Paul Special II Deluxe Vintage Sunburst for a couple of years I decided to upgrade. I was considering a Studio Limited Wine Red or a Standard Limited Worn Cherry. I chose the latter. And for just 339€ I think it is a very well made guitar. It is way better than...
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    (very) expensive guitars

    I just can´t understand why on earth would someone pay $25,000.00 for a beaten, broken, torched up, fake guitar. Yes, fake. I´m talking about the EVH "FrankenStrat" Kramer or Charvel or Fender or all of them guitar. Has no one thought that what you´re actually paying for is a guitar made to look...

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