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    for you kenn wayne shepherd fans out there...

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
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    votes for the best od pedal

    imo its the good ole tubescreamer
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    melody maker

    is the up to date melody makers made in usa?
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    pickup covers

    can someone please show how to take em off
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    whats on your board

    heres mine
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    neal schon's lester
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    thinking of my next buy...

    Ive been thinking about getting the epi 1958 ri korina explorer. It looks to me like a great guitar for the price. Just gotta find my way to gc to try it out. Has anyone played or own this and if so what are some of the pros and cons? Thanks
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    show us your les paul

    ill start it off with mine a 2009 studio. Sorry about the picture quality i have a crappy camera.
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    thoughts on this

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    best pickup to go along with a 59

    im am replacing my burstbuckers in my lp with a set of seymour duncans. I already got the 59 for the neck position. Thinking of a jb for the bridge. Any other pickups that go good with the 59 by duncan.
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    anyone used the hip kitty java distortion

    Thinking about buying one. Is it a good pedal or not? It sounded pretty good to me on this review.
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    epiphone sg

    I am looking for an epiphone sg or any sg style guitar for around 200 to 400 bucks. I wanna keep this in open e to play slide because im tired of tuneing my lespaul studio. Im trying to get the sounds of gary rossington, duane allman, derek trucks ect.
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    ds-1 mods

    Just wondering whats some good ds-1 mods because i might give one a shot. I have an older model made in tiwan.
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    fulltone ocd

    im a blues player and play a lespaul through a jcm2000 tsl122 and thinking of getting this pedal. What do you think of it?

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