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    NGD: 1961 Les Paul SG Standard

    Hey all, haven't posted in a while, but was excited about my new SG, and thought I would share. So, I have bought and sold a few guitars over a the last several years, and the only one I really regret selling was my White 2013 SG Standard. It was perfect, and I sold it like a mo-ron! I have been...
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    NGD: SG Custom

    Just wanted to post a quick, initial review of the new Epi SG Custom. I initially ordered one, and it was beautiful and very well made, besides a few wonky frets. I liked it so much, I was looking into having the frets taken care of by Epiphone under warranty, and was basically told to just...
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    NGD: 50s LP Standard V-Burst

    I am very happy to present my 50s Les Paul Standard. These are obviously initial impressions, and I am no pro, but I have had a few decent guitars to compare this to. (I've had a very nice LP Traditional, and numerous Studios.) Sweetwater did a basic setup as part of the deal I made for the...
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    Chainsaw case-Fit a DC Junior?

    Hello forum experts! Anyone happen to know if a third generation chainsaw case will fit an LP Junior Double Cut? Extra Super Bonus Points for pics of said guitar in said case!
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    NGD: '19 SG Special

    So this showed up today: Preliminary evaluation: Finish is absolutely beautiful, full gloss, grain is filled. Just love the color! Nice, chocolate brown fret board. Plays effortlessly, frets feel nice and polished. Very happy so far! More photos and sound report later.
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    2006 Les Paul Junior-Billie Joe Armstrong w/OHSC-Black

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    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio w/Hard Case-White-Like New!

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    Fender American Professional Stratocaster-2017 Sonic Gray

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    2015 Gibson Midtown Standard-Pelham Blue-Near Mint

    SOLD IT!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!! Beautiful 2015 Gibson Midtown Standard in Pelham Blue! Pictures do not do it justice, it's gorgeous in person! Mint condition except for small hairline scratch on bridge pickup, and tiny mark on the head stock. Bridge pickup is a Mojotone Classic Humbucker...
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    2013 SG Standard-White

    $1100 shipped and Pay Paled. 2013 Gibson SG Standard-White with OHSC and all paperwork, etc. Amazing condition! No dings, dents, buckle rash, etc. Still a faint, new Gibson smell! Classic '57 pickups, traditional tuners. Plays and sounds amazing, with great action! Comes in around 7...
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    Gibson Classic '57 Pickups -Quick connect

    $155 Shipped and Pay Paled Set of Gibson Classic '57 Humbucker Pickups with Nickel covers (One Classic, One Classic Plus) W/Quick Connect. Excellent Condition! Comes with all mounting hardware. With the quick connect, you can change out your modern Gibson pickups in minutes, or remove the...
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    Unexpected NGD-'07 Studio!

    So, I stop into Music Go Round (they sell used gear) because I have never made it in there before, and figured I would buzz through really quick and head home. I am immediately drawn to the white '07 Studio hanging up on the wall. I have wanted a white Studio for quite some time, but never...
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    2017 Fender American Professional Telecaster-Like New!

    $1050 shipped and paypaled! (Lower 48) FS: 2017 Fender American Professional Telecaster-Like New! Plastic still on, absolutely gorgeous, with a 2 PIECE alder top with rosewood fingerboard! Includes the Elite molded case (AMAZING), and all case candy, of course. They should have used this one...
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    Firebird Edu.

    Semi long, and possibly rambling, please skip to Recap at the bottom if you would like to get to the point. Hey all you Firebird aficionados, I need a little clarification, and education. I have been gasing for a Firebird for a while now, and the new Epi Bonamassa FB really kicked it into...
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    Model number help

    Hey all you Les Paul experts, I have a model number question for you. I am looking at a 2011 model Les Paul. It appears to be a faded or satin model, in black. It has binding, uncovered pups, and top hats. The model number is LPCGEBCH1. Any clue as to what this is? I assume the EB is Ebony...
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    Sheraton II Pro v. ES335 Pro

    Hey there Epi gurus, who has experience with both of these very nice semi-hollows? Just wondering if the Sheraton is worth the few hundred extra bucks. The Sheraton does have the upgraded pickups, and is definitely fancier (I like the binding in the f-holes, a place that is often pretty rough...
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    Gov't Series-Collectible?

    I have seen some of the Gov't Series guitars for sale here and there, and it seems that they are going for more than they originally sold for. I know they were limited in quantities, and that there were at least two series of them. Do you think that the first series will be more desirable in...
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    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio-Pelham Blue-Like New

    $925 Shipped and Paypaled. Willing to trade straight up for a Fender American Standard Precision Bass of equal Mint condition ONLY. NO other trades considered, including basses of any kind please. Prefer white. 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio-Pelham Blue w/OHSC and all paperwork. Like New...
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    My baby is back!!

    Wow, it's been a crazy summer/fall of buying/selling/trading, and making an effort to be a better player. I have gotten down to what I think is a nice little collection of a few guitars that I love, with one left to sell. Anyway, for some strange reason, I sold my '16 Plaintop Trad, which I...
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    2 SG's

    I accidentally posted a 2xNGD in the LP thread last week, so here are a few new beasts in case you never venture over there. I will never buy another guitar again. :laugh2: (I am serious man!) As you can see, I was clearly P90 deficient. '16 P90 Standard and '11 NOS SG Junior:

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