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  1. BigAl

    TSA PreCheck

    I would recommend NEXUS over Global Entry any day. It has ALL the same benefits as Global Entry (TSA PreCheck, etc.), expedited entry into Canada and the US, and it's $50 rather than $85 for PreCheck or $100 for Global Entry. The only downside to NEXUS is that you have to be interviewed at a...
  2. BigAl

    I am a Total, and Complete TRAITOR

    All you had to do to be heard was to turn the mids all the way down, and turn the bass and treble all the way up. :(
  3. BigAl

    .Recommendation please

    Gotta be Valyrian steel if anything.
  4. BigAl

    The National Anthem (US)
  5. BigAl

    Greece in Default

    Greece agrees to tough new reforms to receive a third bailout, avoid total economic collapse | National Post
  6. BigAl

    Lung Cancer & Death

    As devastating as this news is, perhaps we here at MLP can use it as a reminder to do something which could make a difference, regardless of how big or small. I, for one, will be donating blood this week, and this news has reminded me how overdue I am to do so. Cancer patients are some of the...
  7. BigAl

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Very sorry to read this. I can only second what everyone else has said upthread as that perfectly reflects my feelings and thoughts. I wish you luck and only happy days moving forward!
  8. BigAl

    TSA Screeners and Groped Passengers

    People please, they're just doing their jobs... :laugh2::laugh2:
  9. BigAl

    Taking the training wheels off - fretless guitar?

    Let's just hope now that you can make it sound as good Govan does ;).
  10. BigAl

    Taking the training wheels off - fretless guitar?

    Here's all you need to know:
  11. BigAl

    Suggestions for do it all combo?

    I'd also go with either a Mesa Mini Rectifier, Mark V 25, or Rectoverb 25. They're pricey, but you're getting what you pay for.
  12. BigAl

    Nvad !!! O)))

    Let's hear it :p. HNAD.
  13. BigAl

    JJEL34L, Anyone using them?

    I have a set of these coming in for my Boogie Mark V, so I'll report how I feel about them after giving them a go. I'm switching to these from the standard Mesa 6L6 tubes.
  14. BigAl

    Metallica riffs - Mesa Boogie

    The Orion tone is nearly spot-on. I'd beef up the bass just a touch, but it's very close to what you hear in the guitar tracks.
  15. BigAl

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Mark IV

    Congrats on the score. If you can track down an original EVM12L speaker for it, you'll hear what a real Black Shadow speaker sounds like ;).
  16. BigAl

    Metallica riffs - Mesa Boogie

    Sounds pretty cool, but the Quad Preamp is better suited to the sounds from MoP, Justice, and the Black Album. By the time Load and ReLoad were out, they were using more Rectifiers rather than Mark series amps on their recordings. That tone you've got going there sounds very close to the tone on...
  17. BigAl

    Singers that wrecked their voices

    James Hetfield, as mentioned upthread, and Dave Mustaine. Some would argue that Mustaine never really had a voice to ruin in the first place though.
  18. BigAl

    Stay Safe Northeast USA

    To all our friends in the Northeast, stay safe with the coming storm. I had a friend's connection through NYC cancelled and rescheduled, but that pales in comparison to what you guys will have to deal with. Stay safe and take care friends...
  19. BigAl

    What's Your Pick For A Great-Sounding Acoustic?

    I've never had an issue with them, even the deep bowls.

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