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  1. BigAl

    Stay Safe Northeast USA

    To all our friends in the Northeast, stay safe with the coming storm. I had a friend's connection through NYC cancelled and rescheduled, but that pales in comparison to what you guys will have to deal with. Stay safe and take care friends...
  2. BigAl

    Kings of Leon - Worst Performance Ever "Shreds" Video

    I damn near spit my morning coffee out watching this. It's a pretty old video, but very well done and hilarious. I might just go on a streak of shred videos now. Enjoy! :P Edit: I can't figure out how to embed the video. I guess that's what happens after a year of not using the forum...
  3. BigAl

    Dear Penis...

    Dr Jay n Easy Lee - Dear Penis - YouTube :shock::shock: :laugh2:
  4. BigAl

    Lou Reed has Passed Away

    Lou Reed, a massively influential songwriter and guitarist who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, died today. The cause of his death has not yet been released, but Reed underwent a liver transplant in May. Look back at Lou Reed's remarkable career in photos With the Velvet...
  5. BigAl

    What's the Time?

    The translation in the video is pretty bad, but the message gets across. :thumb: Funny Italian What Time Is It (HD, Subtitles) - YouTube
  6. BigAl

    So Tell me, MLP, which languages can you lot speak?

    I'm sure similar threads have been created before, but it's definitely been some time since I've seen one of these. We've also got a few new faces around these parts so it's worth giving it a go. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and French (the French has gotten a bit rusty though and...
  7. BigAl

    Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Ousted in Military Coup

    The armed forces ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president Wednesday after just a year in power, installing a temporary civilian government, suspending the constitution and calling for new elections. Islamist President Mohammed Morsi denounced it as a "full coup" by the military...
  8. BigAl

    Canada Will Never Become a Safehaven for Zombies!

    It's official.
  9. BigAl

    Nigerian prostitutes promise “week of free sex” if they win Africa Cup of Nations

    Nigerian prostitutes promise Nigeria overcame Africa Cup of Nations favourites Ivory Coast on Sunday, putting the Super Eagles in the final four of the competition. Stephen Keshi's side now face dark horse Mali in the semi-finals on Wednesday, after which the winner may face current...
  10. BigAl

    The Six Ways You'll See Your Dad

    Normally, CollegeHumor videos are a great for cheap laughs and crude jokes. This one though had all that, while being a little deeper at the same time. I thought it was a great video, and that some of you guys might enjoy it :thumb:. The Six - The Six Ways You'll See Your Dad - YouTube
  11. BigAl

    Mr. 3000

    Congrats to me I guess. :)
  12. BigAl

    Car Guys, I've got a Question/Situation

    I've got a vacuum leak somewhere which is wreaking havoc on my idle and causing a lean condition. I have no clue where it is. Any ideas on how I can find it? :hmm:
  13. BigAl

    Yet Another Fake - Please Report

    Here it is: Gibson Les Paul. Tree of life inlay 980 obo
  14. BigAl

    Buying Something with Paypal - Shipping Question

    I've never bought anything over a forum before using Paypal, so what should I do to best protect myself in case things go south? I'm buying a fuel pump from a guy who lives in Plattsburgh, NY, but he'll be in Montreal, QC on Friday, and will be able to ship the pump from there to avoid duties...
  15. BigAl

    Any MLP Members in the Niagara/Buffalo Region?

    I'll be heading down for the weekend and would love to sit down for a beer (since I'm 20 it'd have to be on my side of the border :p) and maybe have a jam with one of y'all. :thumb:
  16. BigAl

    Protester dies after inhaling fumes from burning American Flag

    Burning an American flag proved fatal for a Pakistani protester, who reportedly died from inhaling fumes from the ignited icon of independence. Some 10,000 people rallied this week in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province, to protest the movie trailer that Muslims say insults Islam...
  17. BigAl

    New (to me) Car Day!!

    The hard work has finally payed off :) :h5:. She's an '07 VW GTI, and Christ is it ever a fun car. I got it for a great price and the car is in EXCELLENT shape. It's got 90000 km (55000 mi). There are some mods and goodies which the previous owner did for the car - but there's way too many...
  18. BigAl

    Another Fake POS

    Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop NEED GONE - Ontario Musical Instruments For Sale - Kijiji Ontario Canada. Please flag it for removal.
  19. BigAl

    The Ask BigAl Anything Thread

    Meh, I'm bored at work, and figured this might be fun. I know I'm late to the "ask threads" party, but what the hell, lets give it a shot :thumb:.
  20. BigAl

    Amplifier Manufacturer Customer Loyalties

    We've all seen it. We've all heard it. Hell, many of us are guilty of it - myself included. There's the Marshall crowd, the Fender crowd, the Mesa crowd etc. etc... I love many other manufacturer's products', but somehow I seem to always find the tones in my head back in Petaluma, CA. Don't get...

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