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  1. jerryo

    Pick Thickness

    1.0 mm Pickboy Meta Carbonate
  2. jerryo

    Are you the favorite child?

    Yes , I live with the weight of guilt . Crushing , nerve shattering emptiness . Just the way it is .
  3. jerryo

    Guitarists You Could Listen To For Hours

    Who have i actually listened to for hours driving my truck across the country .... Snowy White Warren Haynes (Govt Mule catalog) Joanne Shaw Taylor Neil Young stuff like that.
  4. jerryo

    Question about other people behaviour

    I learned very young that waiting waiting on other people was a poor descision .It tended to end up making me weak.
  5. jerryo

    2016 Epiphone

    I stopped by the guitar store in Texas today , they had pretty much all the Epi variations in stock. They are really nice and feel and play great. Not sure but i think the case was separate. Would have taken one home if i had the extra bucks.
  6. jerryo

    Dexterity exercises?

    Songs ... ... pick a song There are complete walkthroughs on you tube by some darn good pickers Dairy of a Madman (Ozzy) is my latest project . When you figure a song , your essentially being educated by a world class artist. Thats a lesson thats hard to pass up.
  7. jerryo


    Wake up the worlds a mad rush to nowhere , let it go. i had the wacky BP thing for a while years ago , then i saw the light. Took a small dose of something for about 6 months to help me with the adjustment , and that was that .
  8. jerryo

    if you could do just one at open mike..

    30 Days in the hole
  9. jerryo

    looper/boss or ditto?

    I have a ditto , its about as simple as they come
  10. jerryo

    Dexterity exercises?

    I talked to a guy once who was going up and down the neck playing chords and expressing note runs in between, it looked like a crab had gotten loose on the fret board and it sounded good to boot. I asked him could he 'see' the scales underneath and he said yes. It takes a lot of practice to see...
  11. jerryo

    NGD - Epi Les Paul Standard Gold

    What is PTP ? :hmm:
  12. jerryo

    Gibson "White Glove Leasing Program"

    Gibson already loans guitars to artist from what i understand. One day it may be necessary to lease a historic. Kinda like when people lease private jets Only the richest of the rich will handle LP's
  13. jerryo

    Just one of those mornings

    Pain , depression , anger , can weigh one down. These poisons arise out of the deep seated sense of lack or deprivation. Thats all it is. Don't feed the lie that you are deprived.
  14. jerryo

    Most unfriendly cities in USA.

    I worked in Compton for years.... it pretty hostile. Oklahoma is the most friendly, people are open , its very strange like being in an episode of Mayberry RFD
  15. jerryo

    Sterling AX40D or...?

    Great guitars (i have 2 ) :dude:
  16. jerryo

    Do you have the perfect rythm ?

    Wait , i got it , 872 the harder i hit the key pad the more likely to stay in time put your heart in it as they say . don't think ...... feel :dude:
  17. jerryo

    Do you have the perfect rythm ?

    846 ....then each time i tried after that it dropped by about 20 points must be an attention span issue or something
  18. jerryo

    NGD - Epi Les Paul Standard Gold

    Nice looking LP , Does it have a fat neck or a slender one ?
  19. jerryo

    How many people really (really) live each day as if it were their last?

    I don't have the finances to live as if each day were my last, its looking like the Learjet is simply out of the question. But i hear those little picks me ups as reminders to not let myself get too dragged into the crap that creation sends my way. None of its personal
  20. jerryo


    I looked it up , they are still there .

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