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  1. flquacker

    Here I go again...Vintage MXR Ph45

    SWEET REPLICA:applause:
  2. flquacker

    NPD---Big Muff Pi Replica

    Now, just to get it put together :wow: Hard parts done! ( I HOPE)
  3. flquacker

    LOL...GEEZ $20 bucks and 3 hrs later :)

    Cigar Box Amp ( Modified Ruby) - YouTube
  4. flquacker

    NPD-Me and my friends.

    Boss RC-3 looper.......way cool :thumb: RC3 Jam.mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
  5. flquacker

    Best 7 minutes spent in a while.....

    Clapton & Trucks ‪Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad‬‏ - YouTube
  6. flquacker

    PAF Question.....Installed in lap steels??

    See title......whoops, meant PEDAL steel.
  7. flquacker

    Tube Swap Idea thread........

    I see it going on sometimes in different threads.... Could something like this work? Example: Got a matched set of the new Tung-sol 6V6GT re-issues. Not what I'm after in the TSA15 :sadwave: Who'd like to try them....and what you got to send ? Sure I can see the negative things that...
  8. flquacker

    OK...I feel for trying the 5751 hype :)

    In the Deluxe......mindless meddling. Deluxe_5751v1.mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage
  9. flquacker

    RIP: Frankie Toler

    Former drummer of Allman Bros'....Marshall Tucker. "Dangerous" Dan's brother. Local Boys from around here. Tore it up at the Oar House out on the Beach every weekend, many moons ago :dude:
  10. flquacker

    NAD:Ibanez TSA15H

    Sold some stuff....NOT GUITAR RELATED :thumb: Picked this up today. Very cool little amp. Good tones. Play it thru my Deluxe extension cab. Just has a couple of "nuances" I'm trying to figure out
  11. flquacker

    For the Country fans...

    Online collab with my College kid :D See below....thanks Mr Mouse
  12. flquacker

    Hot Rod Deluxe..Re-tube, Re-bias & Living to tell about it

    So I took a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe on a trade a few weeks back, plays and sounds good. But curiosity got the best of me and I opened it up.... Everything looks stock as well as the old Fender "branded" tubes. The board is dated 2002 so I'm guessing this is probably an early 2000 model. (2002?)...
  13. flquacker

    R.I.P. Phoebe Snow Wonderful talent.
  14. flquacker

    !!n(o)pd!! Ts10

    ( New "Old" Pedal Day ) :applause: Scored an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS10 made in Japan model off CL Very cool....compared to my Boss SD-1, much "rounder,fuller"
  15. flquacker

    Pick up suggestions for MIM HSS Strat

    Got a new one and looking to change stock pups... My style is laid back, easy listening, generally clean creamy tone stuff.
  16. flquacker

    BROKE my 10 yr old rule today.....NAD

    What the heck.....traded our old Peavey XXL and 4*12 cabinet for a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Band player got what he could use....garage player got what he could use :) Now I gotta get another cab....maybe the Fender Band Master 2*12
  17. flquacker

    SM57's at SA this weekend...$69

    Went in and saw it on "in store only flyer". Why not :thumb: Always wanted one.
  18. flquacker

    YEEHAAW! Co-Worker's sending over a Dumble!!

    LOL...well sorta. One of our late shift techs has got quite the amp and guitar collection. Ran into him the other night and got to talking...7 or 8 years ago he got into what's been described on here as "builderampitus" :wow: He went on to tell me how he just couldn't stop building the...
  19. flquacker

    New TUSQ XL nut....WHOA!!

    Woke the old gal back up......:thumb: New_TUSQXL_Epi.mp3 - File Shared from - Free Online File Storage Unplugged
  20. flquacker

    I have a confession.........

    Mini on the way for the little one....:applause:

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