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    Shed pickups - unfulfilled order

    Does anyone really think there would be two operating in Cardiff...........
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    Shed pickups - unfulfilled order

    Some things never change....don`t give him the benefit of any doubt..if you used Paypal or a Card ,contact them ,you`ll probably still get some help !
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    Fender Deluxe Reverb II - thoughts?

    Good amp,forget the drive channel as others have said.
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    Back to the drawing board, need new pickup suggestions for my SG

    Perhaps the SG is the problem ! Try something different perhaps.
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    Paul Kossoff's 1959 Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned

    Can anyone remember what this thread was about ?
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    tonerider hot classic tele pickups

    Have used both vintage & hot classics in Teles.Very good pickups.Prefer the Hot ones personally.
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    Genuine parts?

    Has to be a wind up !
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    --- Is my Super Reverb baffle original? ---

    Stop thinking about it and play it! If it sounds good why worry...
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    Blues Jr III w/Cannabis Rex vs DRRI

    I have both and for home use I`d go with the Blues Junior if you have to play quiet.DRRI needs some volume on to sound decent.
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    ABR-1 conversion post off-set

    I fitted an ABR to a Nashville equipped SG RI by easing the post holes in the ABR with a suitable drill .Fits ok.
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    What happened to Shed Pickups?

    Heard a pig say it was thinking of flying too ! Hope you get them.
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    The Doug & Pat Show P-90 Shoot-Out

    Great videos,very entertaining guys !
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    New Run of Bonamassa Seymour Duncan Pickups

    Not true,he watches videos too !
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    What happened to Shed Pickups?

    The spider and the fly.
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    Marshall 1974X

    Pick up a JTM 30,they go cheap and sound good !
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    Marshall 1974X

    As others have said ,they have their own voice and it isn`t plexi or JTM. It is a good sound though,at loud volume.
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    Marshall Releases New Class 5 Models (UK Only?)

    Maybe we`ll get `go faster` stripes next !
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    What happened to Shed Pickups?

    Indeed ,it`s pretty low level stuff having a website and taking payment for a product you don`t have.................

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