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  1. Pancreas


    It's an Olive Drab kinda shade
  2. Pancreas


    It's been cold and raining here, but I'll grab better indoor pics
  3. Pancreas

    NGD: Adam Jones Silverburst Standard

    That's AWESOME! I'm actually jealous, I've been wanting an Adam Jones Standard since they were announced. I would keep it (with the finish flaw) it just adds individuality and character.
  4. Pancreas


    The light makes it look strange, it's actually a dark olive green
  5. Pancreas


    So, I've been a huge fan of the new "Inspired By Gibson" Epiphone Les Pauls. I've bought and sold a few now, trying to find a Les Paul that I can really bond with. Several months ago, I got the Epiphone '59 Les Paul in Southern Fade and I LOVE the way this guitar plays and sounds. Today, I...
  6. Pancreas

    Epiphone Les Paul. Japanse or Korean..?

    It looks Korean to me. Per the serial number. It's nice, either way.
  7. Pancreas

    Buying Quick Connect Pickups

    I've seen them on Reverb. Both 4 pin and 2 pin versions. I've actually ordered a set.
  8. Pancreas

    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute 1960 Plus vs Muse

    I agree with Spirit, look for a used '59. You'll be much happier. The Muse I owned was junk. Didn't care for it at all.
  9. Pancreas

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    Will do, it's on the truck for delivery today. So unless FedEx screws up (again) I'll post a NGD update
  10. Pancreas

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    That's a really good deal. I just ordered a new Prophecy Les Paul. They dropped the price on one color to $699
  11. Pancreas

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    They're great guitars indeed. The finish on my Southern Fade didn't do much for me at first, but the guitar plays so good that it's worth holding on to.
  12. Pancreas

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    They're not quite that cheap here in the US, but there is a good used selection. I'd really like a Slash Vermillion Burst, but $900 for a new one is too steep.
  13. Pancreas

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    I wish I had known then 699 is about what I would pay for a Slash model. I think they're overpriced.
  14. Pancreas

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    Forgive me if this is already being discussed, but as I was browsing various online music retail websites, I noticed that several of the higher-end Epiphone models are a few dollars CHEAPER than they were a few weeks ago. The Les Paul '59 outfit on A.M.S. is $100 cheaper and several of the...
  15. Pancreas

    QUESTIONS RE: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Blackback Limited-Edition Antique Ivory

    They are the Epiphone Probucker 2 & 3, with coil splitting. Great guitar, I had one and sold it. I miss it now
  16. Pancreas

    Proof that logo dont have anything to do with sound

    My Epi LP Custom has an insanely good Ebony board,,,just saying...
  17. Pancreas

    Epiphone 1961 (Les Paul) SG Question

    That actually helps quite a bit. Confirms my suspicions actually. I had intended to get a new Gibson SG Standard, but I am NOT a fan of the 490R/490T pickups that they're using, that and the lack of a hard case are strong selling points for the Epiphone '61 SG. (also at half the cost)
  18. Pancreas

    Tonerider Pickups Opinions

    Thanks for the help. After some thought, I think I'm gonna stick with the Probuckers. I've got the guitar setup perfectly now and the pickups dialed in just right. I actually prefer the Probuckers over the Gibson 490R/490T set in my LP Tribute now.
  19. Pancreas

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    Wow, you got a Hell of a top on that one! Congrats, I've had mine almost a year now and it's still my favorite guitar
  20. Pancreas

    Proof that logo dont have anything to do with sound

    Congratulations! I STILL dream of owning a Black Beauty, that's a beautiful guitar.

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