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    NGD Gibson LP Axcess Custom Hardtail

    I’ve had a few Gibson LP Customs over the years but wanted something more ergonomic. To be blunt, this Axcess is exactly what I want in a guitar: The action is almost laughably low without buzzing, it’s under 8lbs so my back is happy, plays wonderfully and it sounds (to my ear) indistinguishable...
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    How well do satin finishes age?

    I’ve always loved satin finishes on my guitars and was thinking of doing a M2M LP Custom in satin black. Anyone have some pictures of how Gibson’s satin ages over time, especially after significant play? Any concerns?
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    Best way to remove/cover strap buttons?

    I know this is going to sound stupid, but is there a good way to remove strap buttons and cover the holes on Gibson LPs? I have a bad back so I only play sitting (i.e. I don’t even own a strap) so these buttons are just inconvenient and make me nervous about ripping a hole in furniture...
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    Am I dumb or did Gibson install saddle wrong?

    So I just got my new LP Custom. The guitar plays beautifully, but unless I’m a total idiot, I think they installed my saddle upside down. The notches for the high E string are bigger than the low E. Is this a problem?

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