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    Fulldrive 3

    Anyone tried a Fulldrive 3 yet ?
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    I D Pickup ?

    Just took this pickup out of a guitar.It was fitted when I bought it a good few years ago. Measures 10k and just under 5k when split. Grey plastic sheath with black,red,white and braided core wires. 50mm spacing. Potted. Base appears nickel. Thanks. Better pics hopefully !
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    Original Paf cover value ?

    Anyone give me an idea what a pair of original PAF covers are worth?They`re gold ones and in very clean condition with good plating.A ballpark figure will do ! Thanks.
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    3 piece body on a Custom ?

    Have Gibson ever built LP Customs with 3 piece bodies? Just seen a Custom from 2003 with a 3 piece,wasn`t convinced of it`s authenticity. Thanks.

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