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    91 or 92 Les Paul Standard, read and tell me if this is worth $900

    how could you pass on that beauty
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    What do you guys find appealing about bugera amps?

    +1 but with a jack in front of it
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    boss ph-3 or bf-3

    my phase 90 (block) does that as well and i don't know why maybe its where i have it placed?
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    for you kenn wayne shepherd fans out there...

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
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    Heres my other guitar.

    come on keep posting!!!
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    YJM strat, other sound?

    yeah it is, richie blackmore used that scalloped neck on his strat. Im sure you can pull off some hendrix as well after you get use to the neck. Also what kind of pickups is it loaded with i know that it's a dimarzio in the neck and bridge and a stock fender in the middle. Fell free to tell me...
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    New Guitar! My first Les Paul, my first post!

    congrats on finaly getting the worlds greatest guitar!!!!
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    Studio Raw Power Discontinued!!

    they should ppass on this and a studio with p90s.
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    Any Dean Cadillac love?

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    Oh boy...2 les pauls in 3 days....

    well arnt you lucky
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    votes for the best od pedal

    way to many od's on the market.
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    Lets see some limited production guitars with #'s if possible

    :wow::wow::wow::wow: that is amazing
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    What is your next guitar going to be?

    Really thinking about one of these. Danelectro Modified Factory Spec 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar and more Solid Body Electric Guitars at
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    I ask you, guitarplayers from whole over the world...

    +1 maybe a lp body and neck with single coil pups
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    Aged Les Paul's Aging?

    Hes right just get your guitar new and let it age on its own. Like my guitars i have a story from evry dink or chip to every marlboro burn on the head stock.
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    votes for the best od pedal

    imo its the good ole tubescreamer
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    NGD Epiphone Pierced SG

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    melody maker

    is the up to date melody makers made in usa?
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    pickup covers

    can someone please show how to take em off
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    NGD!! and new camera, Better PICS!

    that thing is sweet man congrats

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