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  1. b3john

    "Happy Birthday" in the public domain

    Music Company Does Not Own 'Happy Birthday' Song Copyright, Judge Rules - NBC News TL;DR: Warner/Chappell doesn't own the copyright because the initial 1935 copyright was only for a few specific piano arrangement (i.e. sheet music), and never the lyrics. Quite the legal legacy for a song over...
  2. b3john

    "Marshall London" Smartphone?

    It's official, Marshall will license their name and logos for just about anything: :laugh2: Pretty expensive for what amounts to a low spec Android phone. No idea why you wouldn't just buy a Marshall-themed case for your existing...
  3. b3john

    Is There a Thread That You Never Want to Read Again ?

    I saw this on this very guitar forum that I am a member of and thought I'd ask a similar question here. many years ago, I discovered the MLP forum. well, as you can guess, members come and go, and many times the same threads get started by different people. you know, pickguard on/off (off)...
  4. b3john

    Happy 800th Birthday, Magna Carte!

    Happy 800th Birthday, Magna Carte! Magna Carta: Everything You Need to Know About the 800-Year-Old Document - NBC News As much as I like to kid our MLP brethren of the English persuasion, this was one of the groundbreaking events in the development of modern society. :wave:
  5. b3john

    Glastonbury Festival Fans: Replace Kanye

    Fans petition Glastonbury fest organizers to replace Kanye West - :shock: "I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish..." :laugh2:
  6. b3john

    Eric Holder Resigns

    Attorney General Eric Holder will announce resignation - Maybe if we keep it civil this will last more than an hour...
  7. b3john

    Aperture Discontinued, Will Logic Be Next?

    Yeah, yeah, I know, Aperture hasn't had any real updates in a long time. But this is making me rethink my (time) investment in Logic. Maybe Dave Grohl was right and I should just get an old analog board with 24-track tape...
  8. b3john

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! (Pogues content)

    The Pogues - If I Should Fall from Grace with God - YouTube
  9. b3john

    Happy 70th Birthday Keith Richards!

    ... on his 30th wedding anniversary! Double-Kudos for Keef! Keith Richards Turns 70 on His 30th Wedding Anniversary - Yahoo Music :applause:
  10. b3john

    Here we go again (NFL Refs)

    Mike Tomlin was standing on the freaking field during Jacoby Jones' kick return in the Stealers/Ravens game, and prevents Jones from scoring a touchdown... And a penalty doesn't get called? Are you freaking Jason Kidd-ing me? Stealers, indeed.
  11. b3john

    Black Friday

    Black Friday
  12. b3john

    Bob Dylan Video: "Like a Rolling Stone"

    This. Is. Awesome! Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone" - Official Interactive Video! After the video starts, use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to switch channels. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause...
  13. b3john

    Rocksmith 2011 for PS3 w/ Real Tone Cable

    I have a used, original Rocksmith 2011 for PS3 with "Real Tone" cable (note, not the later guitar+bass release) for $25 Paypal, shipped to CONUS. Best Buy edition, for whatever that matters. The included "Real Tone" cable works with any version of Rocksmith (2011, 2014) on any platform (PS3...
  14. b3john

    Identify My Swiss Army Knife

    I need some help from the MLP hivemind. I have had this Swiss Army Knife for approximately forever (easily 25 or 30 years), but when I went to replace it with another Victorinox, I can't seem to find a comparable model. Anyone know which model this is? I always thought it was a Tinker, and...
  15. b3john

    Man Stabbed For Playing Eagles Music Non-stop

    SC man allegedly stabbed by housemate over nonstop Eagles music - :lol:
  16. b3john

    A Strat is Born (video)

    Stumbled across this YT vid and thought I'd share it for those MLPers who dig a good Strat: A Strat is Born - YouTube :applause:
  17. b3john

    When did Fender start...

    ... selling necks and bodies direct? Genuine Fender Necks & Bodies | Fender® Guitar & Bass Parts
  18. b3john

    Anyone remember who won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009?

    Do you wonder if they regret it now? :hmm: Enough to nominate Manning for this year's prize? Petition backs Manning for Nobel Peace Prize
  19. b3john


    ... posts until it got nuked. Not bad, MLP, not bad... :naughty:
  20. b3john

    Keith Richards says he doesn't own an iPod

    Keith Richards says he doesn't own an iPod ( Apparently, nobody has let Keef in on the little secret that CDs are digital... :hmm:

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