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  1. SixAngryStrings

    Kimchi, anyone?

    Tried it for the first time a few days ago when we were enjoying Korean BBQ with some colleagues, and I really liked it. It’s like fat, spicy sauerkraut.. I immediately thought, “Damn, this would be BOMB on a hotdog”! Any of you guys like this stuff, and recommend some good brands to try?
  2. SixAngryStrings

    I got fired three months ago..

    Long story short.. my gf went to Scotland with her Mom back in May, the day she got home, I called in sick.. hadn’t seen her in two weeks. The day I was supposed to return to work, I get a message from the staffer saying I need to talk to “Sherry” before I can come back.. Who the fuck is...
  3. SixAngryStrings

    I want to talk more about Grandpa Joe..

    I had a Grandpa Joe.. but, he never stole fizzy lifting drinks..
  4. SixAngryStrings

    How to build a sex room..

    Anyone seen this on Netflix? My girlfriend has been watching it. This pervy old lady designs these gaudy rooms for people to screw in, and then asks these couples about their sex lives/preferences, then questions them as to why they aren’t into extremely kinky/weird shit like bondage and S&M...
  5. SixAngryStrings

    I rubbed Joe B’s sig off my amp today..

    It’s kind of liberating.. gave her a good deep clean with some Ticarve cleaning gel, and a wipe down with the pink stuff.. sorry Joe, it’s my amp now.. Ahhhahahahaha!!!!!!! :headbanger:
  6. SixAngryStrings

    Keeley Realizer?

    Anyone have one they would sell or trade? Kinda butthurt because I’ve wanted one for a while now and the pedal partners YouTube page posted a video earlier yesterday about another release and they sold out in minutes.. only produced 100 units.. total bs! Just waiting for the scalpers to pop up...
  7. SixAngryStrings

    Any iPhone users kinda pissed with the new update?

    Mostly with the new browser layout.. This bullshit..
  8. SixAngryStrings

    Lending “friends” money..

    Loaned a friend $200 dollars a month ago.. not a close friend or best friend, but I considered him a friend, even though haven’t seen him or hung out with him for over 5 years, so I don’t know what his life is really like currently. But we keep in touch sporadically on FB messenger, and it seems...
  9. SixAngryStrings

    Grundle Butter!

    Hey! How are ya?
  10. SixAngryStrings

    Didn’t realize how much I missed the feeling..

    Of getting a new, sealed, CD in a jeweled case.. picked this up, and it’s picking ME up! Maaaaan, we wore this tape out in high school! Sneaking out at lunch, 6-7 of us, all packed into my friend Brian’s tiny little single cab Toyota.. 3 packed in the cab, and 4 of us laying like sardines in the...
  11. SixAngryStrings

    I think I found me a keeper boys!

    She is the ONE!
  12. SixAngryStrings “The Pedal Movie” coming 2021

    Finally a good flick to look forward to! I did my part.
  13. SixAngryStrings

    What the Hell was I listening to last night?? (Post your recent Spotify searches!)

    Thought this may make for a fun thread:laugh2:
  14. SixAngryStrings


    Is this seriously still a thing? And this guy has the gall to ask $499 for this? $100 bucks more, and you can get a brand spankin’ new one.. I just don’t get it.. who would pay a hundred bucks less for something that looks like it’s been buttfucked by a woodchipper? People are fuckin’ dumb..
  15. SixAngryStrings

    Random maybe dumb question.. maybe WTF question..

    So, I got an Orange micro terror.. seemed like a cool little amp, also for a change of sound.. in theory, I figured I could just plug into this, plugged into the speakers on my BlueFire, and would have a completely different “Orange” sounding amp to fiddle with.. No sound:/ Any wise input (no...
  16. SixAngryStrings

    NGD! New Gretsch Day!!

    Just got an electromatic G5230t on a whim, and surprisingly, I am in LOVE! Everything about this black beauty is pretty much all I’ve ever wanted in a guitar.. I was seriously blown away! Looks, sounds and feels as good or better than any Gibson I’ve ever owned.. and it was setup and intonated...
  17. SixAngryStrings

    The Return of The Rat 2

    I just went on a sort of a pedal binge and I ordered a few new toys.. (as well as a new guitar:drool:) One pedal, came with the box gouged on top, through the plastic, and dented the casing a little.. should I return it for a new one? I just don’t know what it was hit with, and how hard it was...
  18. SixAngryStrings

    Orangewood Guitars.. any of you guys heard of em?

    I just happened upon this guitar company from a YouTube.. Made in China, but shipped and based out of LA.. I usually try and buy American, but DAMN!! Such good reviews.. They have several models, but I bought a Rey Spruce model.. $145 give or take shipped.. Absolutely amazing!! Feels and sounds...
  19. SixAngryStrings

    Show us your acoustic!

    After years of withdrawals after foolishly selling my beloved Takamine EAN10C, I’ve acquired a sweet, sweet EF341.. and it’s an absolute DREAM to play, and just feels so good to be able to play again period, especially since playing electric is sort of out of the question these days since my...
  20. SixAngryStrings

    Coronavirus RENT situation..

    Any of you guys worried about paying rent while unemployed? Just curious.

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