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  1. kevinpaul

    Germany ain't my kinda town.

    JJ Wednesday and its Berlin. I go to London tomorrow and that will be nice. Every thing these people sounds mean. I know they are all against me. All the food comes in a tube. Say what you want but it's on time and no bugs. They gassed them with the odd beer.
  2. kevinpaul

    Ovation Guitars and likable memories.

    Once upon a time I was out of control. I think I was 17 and I bought an Ovation Guitar. There was an add in the student union to travel the Great Lakes Area and play guitar in a coffee shop like setting. I joined up and many others had left. Travel was by bus and room and board was a dorm room...
  3. kevinpaul

    I don't have an answer.

    Dear Penthouse, no wrong start. A guy I worked with and jammed with came over to see how I was and ask about amps. Well the amp thing never came up. He and his wife are going on a vacation to Germany to see family and go to the North Sea beaches. The beaches are topples and some are completely...
  4. kevinpaul

    My uncle is finally coming home

    My uncle went missing during a vacation in Africa 50 years ago. They are bringing him back home after all these years. My aunt was pleased with the news but is troubled. She wants to know who the hell that other guy is?
  5. kevinpaul

    New Guitar Day

    I just wanted to see if I can do the new thread thing. My Japanese Burny can on this past Friday. I ordered it one week ago today. That is fast and it looks like it took time to pack this thing. I felt bad, those poor bastards live in paper houses. The seller used a guys house to pack it in. A...
  6. kevinpaul

    No Godzilla coming to Japan right?

    I was hoping he was swinging so place away from Japan. I have a used older Burny Les Paul type guitar on the the way. I know about Godzilla from films and a coloring book I picked up in my travels. These Japanese guitars I know little, maybe you all beautiful people can tell me how I messed up...
  7. kevinpaul

    Not me of late

    I have been in the hospital most of the last couple months with pneumonia. I did get pneumonia once every couple years the once a year and now it is a thing I can't seem to beat. I have told you in the past that I have MS and that messes with my ability to fight this kind of thing off. I have...
  8. kevinpaul

    I wanted a Rickenbacker!

    I have too much in the few square feet I have in my play area. I could bore you all with a ridiculous list, that would test your attention span but not. The DIY kits thing caught my fancy and it's a good way to keep from, oh well I forgot. I found the only Rickenbacker diy kit on earth on...
  9. kevinpaul

    Boys and girls right.

    We have the bath room thing that was and is going on. I just thrilled to make in time. Now a 8 year old child was kicked out of the BOY scouts of America because he is a girl. This little kid identifies more with boys and likes boys toys. They are much cooler, she was playing with a drone during...
  10. kevinpaul

    I'm sure of this.

    The NFL on Christmas Day makes for a wrong way to hang with the family. Yep college ball ain't the Steelers. People here get crazy, bars are open just because of the game and some want you to call and reserve a bar seat. Dads should be putting toys together and one day talk to their family. I...
  11. kevinpaul

    What's your story?

    Hanging out on a forum on a Monday mid morning. Out of work or what?:welcome: Hung over, a bit of the shakes? Maybe in sales and this a dead week?
  12. kevinpaul

    Peace on earth.

    I wish you all a blessed Christmas and New Year. There are to many smiling faces to spread cheer to each one of you individually. I can only go with the shotgun approach. I would say the same things in person or on your pages. You the members of MLP are the most beautiful people on earth. Peace...
  13. kevinpaul

    Guys I am going to be murdered.

    Yep Saturday at about 4:27 or so. I bought an Epiphone Casino and a hard shell case. I like them and after John Lennon did I dig a pony. I wanted one and only played one two years ago. I would have bought it but the guy at shop was out of his mind. Price was high and the case was extra and...
  14. kevinpaul

    Happy Birthday

    Wish our pal Dolbudger a very happy 73 years young! Happy Birthday to you!
  15. kevinpaul

    Combo amp shined

    The Monoprice 15 watt amp came yesterday and turns out it was a good deal. I played it a few hours and saw all the features work, the choice between 1 watt or 15 watts is strange but it works. The thing breaks up great on the 1 watt setting. The effects loop is great and it has a Vox, Fender and...
  16. kevinpaul

    I bought a combo amp.

    That sounds familiar to our secret group. I was weak and missed good tube sound. I have the little Vox and the out of control Fender hybrid crazy thing I hate. The Mustang II V that was a love but the real tube thing is killing me. I bought a Silly Monoprice 15 watt with a 12" what ever...
  17. kevinpaul

    I am on strike or am I?

    All the proffers at all of the State University's went on strike today. I did not know and being my long class day I was in early. The lines were not up yet. I am in a union the AMA, they are Teamsters. I have people who spent nearly a half of million dollars on this deal. I have worked with...
  18. kevinpaul

    Nearly new Fender

    Resonator FR 48. I got a nice price drop on a brass with chrome plating tri cone resonator guitar. This ain't a looky hear type of thread. More like what up with this crazy thing. I played only one in my life and I do not recall if I liked it or one thing about that moment. These things cost...
  19. kevinpaul


    I still like you all even though I haven't posted a like in a dogs life it seems. Long time ago 4 years and 20 days ago some tasteless rat bastard took off with my junk home made banjo. It was so bad that I never locked it and left the keys it. I hated it and I hated playing even more but it go...
  20. kevinpaul

    Do not want to be a winner?

    We all get a bunch of spam but in the good stuff we want there are some give a ways. Fill in a form and you might just win. There are a lot of times I don't fill it out. I just want nothing to do with the prize. I don't want a beginner acoustic guitar. I really don't want a 10 watt SS amp even...

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