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  1. jamdogg

    SOLD!!!!: '00 Gibson LP Classic Trans Amber, ABR1, JonesyBlues harness, Duncans

    This is one killer LP! Ink stamp serial, ABR1, rare trans amber finish, JB/Jazz zebra Antiquities rolled by the man Seymour himself. Jonesy Bon Apetit' wiring harness (and long Switchcraft toggle/jack). Pro fret level, LOW action. Finish had some touch up due to flaking, and it resulted in...
  2. jamdogg

    late '70s LPs - which one y'all like better?

    no affiliation, just a couple cool LPs at a near by mom/pop shop. have not played either yet. '77: '79:
  3. jamdogg

    WTB: gibson LP smoked/tinted backplate

    Before i pull the trigger on greasy groove, i figured I would post here if anyone has one to sell. I had one of these on my old tribute goldtop. Please let me know thanks! (props to @jstarr823 for reminding me of these)
  4. jamdogg

    FT: '89 Washburn WP-80 w/Mono M80 case

    Awesome Les Paul Custom copy. Long tenon, '60s neck, new bone nut, full fret level, CTS 500k harness (RS caps!), Switchcraft jack/toggle, and setup from the Mill (receipt for all work!). Cream Tone A3 Deluxe pickups (double black bobbins underneath) w/Electric Mojo aged gold covers, Schaller...
  5. jamdogg

    feeling a bit Randy....

  6. jamdogg

    Epiphone Dot Super

    this bad girl got my dot. Don't see these everyday. this one is an '05.
  7. jamdogg

    Get your SLASH tone! --->

    I found my tone - now these pups need to find a new home. If these and my EVH style pickups in my other thread do not sell - well, I guess I will be picking up another guitar - or two! :cheers2: - SD Custom Shop wound APH1 Alnico Pro II neck, nickel cover, single conductor, long legs...
  8. jamdogg

    Get your EVH tone! --->

    I found my tone - these pickups need to find a new home. :thumb: (apologies in advance for horrible pics!) For you EVH hounds, I have a Williams Attackbucker. Double black, 4.5" lead (intentionally trimmed then extended by my tech, long enough for strat bridge), long legs, wax potted...
  9. jamdogg

    FS Elitist Les Paul Goldtop

    Very good condition, no issues/breaks/repairs. OHSC w/candy. pics and info on reverb: here. 10 lbs, neck profile is between 50s/60s. MLPF brethren can have it for $750 shipped. :wow: :slash:
  10. jamdogg

    FS/FT '81 Ibanez MIJ AS-50 w/T-tops

    Hoping for local sale in NH/MA area, but will ship to MLP brothers. I really don't want to ebay/reverb this. I will post more pics, just wanted to get the ball rolling on this one. 1981 MIJ Ibanez AS-50. If you want a semi-hollow but a 335 is too big, look no further. This one appears to be...
  11. jamdogg

    Gibson(?) pickup ID please & thanks!

    When I purchased my '81 Ibanez AS-50 I was told it had 70s Gibson T-tops in it. I ended up buying the guitar since it played and sounded fantastic, but I never had the shop actually pull the pickups out so i could look at them - not that I would be able to recognize a T-top if it bit me in the...
  12. jamdogg

    Elitist HSC

    Is the Elitist case not the best HSC Epiphone has ever produced? The plush purple interior looks fit for any Holy Grail Lester. :thumbs:
  13. jamdogg

    FS/FT Gibson 496R 500T pickup set

    Double black, desoldered full length leads (not cut). From my '00 LP 1960 Classic. Pics and meter readings to follow. $100 pp/shipped. Will considering trades for Duncans, Dimarzios, pedals, etc try me. :thumb:
  14. jamdogg

    FS: CreamTone A3 Deluxe RS Hovland DMC

    Tonal bliss!!! :thumb: Double black CreamTone A3 Deluxes. These do not appear to be MGL version (no slot head screws on the baseplate) but they meter pretty close - 8.52 & 7.27. Includes Hovland RS Guitarcaps .022 & .015, DMC v2 & Gibson VOS pickup covers! Buy them now and I will throw in the...
  15. jamdogg

    FS: Lollar P90s Montreaux covers

    Hesitant to sell these, but I digress.... 2006 Lollar P90s, -5 neck wind (meters 8.93 & 7.57), aged screws (phillips, sorry!) & new, unopened, unused Montreux Retrovibe authentic bone coloured covers. I got the covers from Gord @ GM Vintage Restorations - google him for those that don't...
  16. jamdogg

    FS: '85 Gibson Flametop RI Prehistoric

    Well, the time has come for me to part ways with Excalibur. Just got it back from pro setup/fret level/nut replacement. I purchased the guitar a couple years ago from Joe @ the Manchester Music Mill. Have receipts for purchase and setup/fret level/bone nut replacement, etc. Guitar has original...
  17. jamdogg

    FS/FT Fender Mustang II super clean

  18. jamdogg

    Happy New Year!

    here is to a peaceful new year, and hopefully some cool new offerings from Epiphone.
  19. jamdogg

    Overlay removal & headstock/neck repair q's

    I have an Edwards LP someone put a Gibson overlay on. I want to remove it, and bring back the original Edwards logo but am concerned as the guitar has had a previous headstock/neck repair. It was a very clean crack/break that came together with Titebond perfectly. I plan to heat the...

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