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  1. ChrissDR

    NPD Boss RV500 + Strymon BlueSky and TimeLine

    Hello Maniacs! 2 weeks ago entered the local dealer to try BigSky, RV500 and BlueSky. Desclaimer: never used a big reverb or delay machine, what means in the first half hour not realised to use the bank up and down :D So. Would like to do a shimmer test first. BigSky: great sound after i...
  2. ChrissDR

    New 2018 Classic colours!

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus SATIN OCEAN BLUE! Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus SATIN VINTAGE SUNBURST Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus WINE RED VINTAGE
  3. ChrissDR

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2017 discontinued? Whats going on? Is this the best year of Gibson? Middle of the year no more Blueberry burst standard?
  4. ChrissDR

    NGD - 2017 Les Paul Standard Blueberry Burst

    She is the chosen one, came from italy. Can't choose from the two in my last thread, so i picked a third :naughty: Not a simple flame, not a hardcore chevron, she has tiger stripes with a little chevron :wow: Think it's one of the best flames I ever seen, and the finish is perfect expect the...
  5. ChrissDR

    Can't choose... 2017 Standard Blueberry

    I HAVE TO buy a Blueberry standard. gorgeous flame subtle flame top. Lilttle bit lighter blue and more purple coloured. 2350 euros. Darker blue what, lesser purple flame top cool, but not as the first one. The maple top looks upside down. Rosewood looks cool, no stripes! 2000 euros...
  6. ChrissDR

    2016 Lp STANDARD (?!) Honey Burst

    What do you think about that top? AAA? AA? A or B? Found this Honey Burst standard in the local guitar store. I love this golden honey colour but this top? Can't make my decision between trans black or honey burst... :shock: Is it worth for a 2200euro Standard?
  7. ChrissDR

    NGD - Explorer 120 Ebony

    Not NGD. HNGD! Just get my Explorer 120 Ebony for 1000 euros with shipping. I think it's a present from the shop :applause: Perfect finish, sounds awesome (very different from my V 120), plays nicely, fretwork is great only the freatboard like a desert. Yesterday put some hydrate oil on it...
  8. ChrissDR

    Marshall 2016

    NAMM 2016: Marshall team up with Softube for CODE digital amp series | MusicRadar Marshall CODE digital amp series NAMM 2016: Marshall unveils 2525 Mini Jubilee guitar amps | MusicRadar Marshall 2525 Mini Jubilee! Interesting!

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