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    An idea I had for my pedalboard

    Prolly not original but I go crazy seeing my cables all over the floor. I had an idea to use cable tubing to make my floor less messy and to neatin' up my pedalboard. I strolled over to Radioshack yesterday and bought two 5ft. packs of cable tubing. Long story short, I'm a much happier camper. I...
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    Great BB King and Blues Lesson!!!!

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    Marshall Plexi 1987x

    I can't sleep at the moment so I'm up watching amp demos on youtube from proguitarshop. The Handwired Fender twin sounds killer and the Vox AC30 but I want this amp right ya!!!! YouTube - Marshall Plexi 1987x
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    My yard after Gustav

    I took these pics the day we got back from evacuating. It took a couple of days to clean up my yard. Not my car. My front yard wasn't too bad. The wind came trough from the back side of my house. My back yard was a mess! The only thing that saved my shed...
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    I can't wait!!!! I'll be in Long Beach for a week tomorrow!!!! My first time in L.A. My cousin is getting married this weekend and we're flying to LAX and crashing in Long Beach for the week. I can't wait to hit the strip!!!!
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    Blew a tube....

    I've been installing my buddies upgrade kit and WB pickups this week and this morning when I turned my JCM900 on.....POP!!!!!....blew a tube. Looks like I'll be giving Eurotubes a call this week. This will be the first time I change tubes myself; so, wish me luck!:fingersx: I can't...
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    Doug Aldrich

    I've been on a Doug Aldrich kick lately.:slash: Looks weird to see him play a Strat. I like to sit and play my guitar while watching the Whitesnake 2004 dvd. I've learned some new licks and came up with my own this way. YouTube - Doug Aldrich - The Electro lesson Speaking of the...
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    Pat Travers Band with guest Doug Aldrich

    Here's some great guitar playing!! YouTube - Bay Area Backstage -Pat Travers Band With Guest Doug Aldrich
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    Killer Billy G. find on youtube!!

    This was a killer that was brought to my attention on youtube.....THE TONE!!!!!! YouTube - ZZ Top "I Luv A Woman" Live 1982
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    Some clips of WB VTPHs

    I received my WB pups Monday and installed them that night. All I can say is, WOW...What Tone!! I don't have my amp cranked on the clips, I didn't want to fart out the speakers on the cam. I'll have to do some test clips. I was in a hurry last night to do the clips. Enjoy! YouTube - LP808's...
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    The Charlie Daniels Band-Voluteer Jam

    I just picked up this gem of a dvd. I always look through an entire dvd section whenever I'm dvd hunting for concert performances. I stumbled on this one at Wal-Mart tonight. What tone they have with their LP's on this dvd. It was filmed in 1975 in Tennesse(the year I was born btw) with...
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    Louisiana chiming in!

    I'm excited about the forum and look forward to meeting fellow LP players! I own 2 LPs...a '94 Cherryburst Standard(stock pups w/orange drop caps)and a '02 Lightburst Classic(Bare Knuckle calibrated Mule set w/cts pots and orange drop caps) I play through a JCM900 halfstack. I considered...

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