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  1. Rhye

    Vintage Bursts Compared

    Wow, how interesting! Thanks for posting. I downloaded the video and spliced the audio in my daw to A/B the different guitars quickly. They are all so similar yet so unique from one another. The historic fared really well, it's absolutely within the spectrum of the variances though it was the...
  2. Rhye

    WTB Mojoaxe Aged Pickguard

    Hi, I am looking for a Mojoaxe Aged Pickguard that fits a 2013 historic LP. Thanks!
  3. Rhye


    Let me know if you have them!
  4. Rhye

    WTB VIPots 550k

    Never mind!
  5. Rhye

    Explanation For Finish Peeling on Murphy Lab LPs

    I know it's off topic but any chance you could share more of your knowledge on this? I'd love to learn what's still in missing in HM's work
  6. Rhye

    Will it Fade?...

    Well, it has been a lot of time in the sun, so I figure the lacquer is cured and hard so it may be a good candidate!
  7. Rhye

    Will it Fade?...

    Beautiful, but the question is: Will it check?
  8. Rhye

    spinal tap /cc?

    Could you please share a few pics? It's a really nice guitar and I would love to see how it looks after so many years!
  9. Rhye

    Replacement cases for 2013 Reissues.

    Very nice R8 and great case
  10. Rhye

    Help, Lacquer Damage!

    Ok, so this is how its looking so far. It still needs to be leveled and buffed but here are the steps: 1. Applied lacquer thinner with a brush to the affected area to soften the finish. 2. After the finish has softened, cut the bubble with a very sharp knife. This ensures that thin lacquer...
  11. Rhye

    Help, Lacquer Damage!

    Thanks everyone for their advice. I have been more focused on the how to fix rather than the why, but here are some thoughts. - About how it happened: I am sure it was not the fault of the guitar stand, I have had it for many years working with nitro guitars. Also the damage its not in a part...
  12. Rhye

    Help, Lacquer Damage!

    Thanks everyone. I know how to buff it carefully, no problem. However it is a more of a bubble than a ding. The lacquer just lifted in that spot. i wonder if I use some heat or some lacquer thinner it will adhere to the wood again and then buff it
  13. Rhye

    Help, Lacquer Damage!

    Do you have any advice on how to fix it?
  14. Rhye

    Help, Lacquer Damage!

    I just noticed that this happened to my new Les Paul. I have no idea how it happened. Is there any way to fix it? maybe warming the lacquer or using any solvent and buffing, any advice?
  15. Rhye

    2011 vs. 2012 inlays

    I have installed the ones from Retrospec in my 11 R9 and I have a new 2013. The new Gibson inlays are as just good, as a matter of fact I like the hue of them better.
  16. Rhye

    Tailpiece stud length in 13s

    I really liked the new Custombuckers, specially the bridge. They needed some tweaking but if you a mess with the height they sound great. I've tried some Throbaks (didn't liked them) and Duncans, but for the first time I think I am going to leave the guitar stock. It's a strange feeling as I had...
  17. Rhye

    Tailpiece stud length in 13s

    I also have to report that the bridge thumbwheel is steel, which is not vintage correct as far as I know
  18. Rhye

    Tailpiece stud length in 13s

    Actually I removed one of the bushings, I didnt measure it but it was longer than 1". Steel. The green ring is about 2mm. Can be easily removed if you try to lift it with something sharp, be careful you don't lift any lacquer.
  19. Rhye

    Tailpiece stud length in 13s

    The studs are 1 inch which I believe is vintage correct however, strangely enough,the bushings are longer than 1 inch which i am not sure is vintage length. Also there is a small plastic green ring on top of the bushings which I would recommend everyone to remove in order to get metal to metal...
  20. Rhye

    Did gibson change the color of the plastics for 2013

    The knobs on my 2013 R9 look different from the ones I had on my 2011, way darker

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