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  1. emerald81

    Real or Fake, I can’t tell?

    Show pups and tone/volume controls cavity too.
  2. emerald81

    $800 Les Paul Classic Facebook Marketplace Find

    Cool find! Have a classic honey burst too. Lovely guitars.
  3. emerald81

    NGD Joe Bonamassa 'Lazarus' 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Wow. Seriously damn beauty! Looking one step up from the rest of the std line from epi.
  4. emerald81

    Need how-to advice to fix lightened stain on epiphone satin finish

    Don´t touch the finish. Leave it as it is.
  5. emerald81

    Les Paul Tribute vs epiphones

    Having both I prefer the real mahogany and maple from the tribute. Not hating epi, I like it but I doubt seriously that it has a piece of honduras mahogany or canadian/american maple. They used to replace with other asian species, chinese maple, natoh mahogany, lauan, asian rosewood (not indian)...
  6. emerald81

    Question about my Les Paul finish

    All correct but probably a refinished top. If you remove the pups, in the bridge (or neck) cavity, should say the initials for the model and maybe the original color. Something like "lps ts" (les paul std tobacco sunburst). Or lpsp ts, les paul std premium tobacco sunburst. And send a email...
  7. emerald81

    Another need for help: Is this Boneyard Legit?

    I would play -love in a elevator- solo with that killer les paul. ;)
  8. emerald81

    Signs of a 2019 fake?

    Everything looks ok. Legit for me. That tobacco burst reminds me Ace Frehley lp.
  9. emerald81

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s

    Buy from pre '09 o '90s. New or recent years gibsons lacks qc.
  10. emerald81

    Would you return this? Uneven stain around neck on new LP.

    Another new gibson with qc problems. :io:
  11. emerald81

    Gibson Les Paul Classics - Not Ads, but Info

    Have a 05 classic, great guitar no tool marks, good tone. Little checked now the nitro. I choose over any new gibson from recent years.
  12. emerald81

    ‘96 Classic Plus

    Buying a les paul from 90' or early 00s is the best tou can do it.
  13. emerald81

    First Les Paul - would you return because of this?

    Just return it. Next time request detailed photos of the guitar or inspect only in person. There is no way having those qc issues.
  14. emerald81

    Streaking in top of new Les Paul Standard 60’s

    Return it or live with that. :hmm:
  15. emerald81

    New Les Paul Standard 60s Rosewood Fretboard - should I return it?

    Return it. To much dings for keeping that guitar.
  16. emerald81

    Custom Shop vs. USA differences video

    Interesting video. Appart from the pieces, materials and construction differences there is an important matter for how good a guitar sounds and its wood tapping selection method. I doubt even in the cs they do this "wood tapping", so the materials and pieces or construction its not enough to say...
  17. emerald81

    NGD: Slash series November burst. My first Gibson.

    Thats cool, what output have the dimarzio?
  18. emerald81

    2020 Gibson USA Les Paul 50's / 60's - not broken in binding anymore?

    I have never seen to many qc topics except for the recent production years. And I have never seen so much qc problems with a 90' or 00's les pauls.

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