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  1. slapshot

    these newish Tokai SG jr things?

    Wtf is Carbonized Jatoba Wood and should I care about it? Body wood tells me “mahogany” other series tell me “African mahogany” ‍♂️ Thoughts compared to the Edwards hrs, older Burny featherweight SG’s?
  2. slapshot

    Found a Good use for NFL

    taking the piss out of :laugh2: :thumb:
  3. slapshot

    I wasn't liking the new mythbusters

    Till I saw that bald goose as Mr T ....
  4. slapshot

    Modern "Re-Inventions" Of Old Things what's wrong with just the playing card ......
  5. slapshot


    #OpCharlieHebdo: Anonymous declares war on terrorist websites ? RT News :thumb:
  6. slapshot

    For Those That Don't Understand Rugby League hockey "fights"? yeah that's cute .... NFL players are "tough"? cool ...
  7. slapshot

    8 kids RIP

    Cairns massacre: Mother Mersane Warria charged with eight counts of murder
  8. slapshot

    So anyway

    They just released deets on this bellend he's a 49 year old Iranian on bail for attempted murder and sending letters to dead soldiers families plus a bunch more shit I didn't quite catch on a live news break. Be a while before this circles through the worlds media thought I'd share :wave...
  9. slapshot

    NGD: '68 Elk "King Cobra"

  10. slapshot

    *SOLD* old Dimarzio Super Distortion

    for posterity but it's now sold :thumb: May as well put it here too ... original 1970s Dimarzio Super Distortion pickup square tabs + braided wire 13.6K output 25cm lead Post is $25 worldwide
  11. slapshot

    SOA .... 4 episodes left

    shows turned to complete garbage really but .... gotta see how it ends ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Recap: 8 Questions About the Final Four Episodes
  12. slapshot

    Fast & The Furious 7

    :thumb: Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube
  13. slapshot

    What is your favorite Scene from the Goodfella's film?

    GoodFellas Full "Don't Touch My Girl" Scene - YouTube
  14. slapshot

    10 Hours In NYC

    10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man - YouTube
  15. slapshot

    the WiFi name ...

    A Wi-Fi connection called ‘Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork’ delayed an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London
  16. slapshot

    Disguised Weapons

  17. slapshot

    Sunburned Will

    dunno .... it was in some 'related videos' list ... my thoughts on scott grove rob chapman and other youtube guitar teachers - YouTube
  18. slapshot

    will you just get to the point?

    not interested in a recap or whatnot just tell me what's new & gimme a link to where I can download the latest IOS for free ta thanks
  19. slapshot

    Homeland S4

    can you redeem yourself back to series 1 & 2 level?
  20. slapshot


    looks good despite the knob from The OC :hmm: the villains back stories would be cool to know ....

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