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  1. BSeneca

    2022 Fall Philly Guitar Show

    So happy to see you this weekend! Always a pleasure to chat with you and drool over your guitars
  2. BSeneca

    2022 Fall Philly Guitar Show

    It was SO GREAT to see you buddy! You look great! But then again you were standing next to Platzer so the bar wasnt that high! Lol felt like old times
  3. BSeneca

    2022 Fall Philly Guitar Show

    Greg if you ever DREAM youre as pretty as me you better wake up and apologize!
  4. BSeneca

    2022 Fall Philly Guitar Show

    Hey buddy sorry I missed you! I was hoping to see you today. Take care hope you are well
  5. BSeneca

    1955 all-gold

    LOVE IT! I have an all gold 52. Also refretted. Best decision I ever made
  6. BSeneca

    Tim Shaw or T-Tops?

    I would say early T top. I am always surprised at all the love for Shaws. I had them in new gutiars I bought in the 1980's and they never seemed very special to me. Usually replaced with Duncans. to each their own though
  7. BSeneca

    1980 tobaccoburst with Kahler bridge

    Thats precisely what I was thinking. I knew for sure 76 didnt. That pre dates the Floyd. I had an 1985 Custom with it factory for sure. I bought it new. Come to think it may have been early 86 but it was on the wall new installed
  8. BSeneca

    Do R8’s and R9’s sound the same?

    Better, different? As Victor said no two sound the same. BUT an R9 does not on the average sound better than and R8. You are paying for figure and that is all. The best reissue Ive ever had was the plainest of plain R8 Tobacco. I sold it like a fool for another endeavor. But when I bought my...
  9. BSeneca

    NGD !!! Junior DC TV Yellow

    congratulations!! I always wanted a TV junior
  10. BSeneca

    Vintage harness 1957...harness with P90 1956 ..value?

    I was really kinda amazed at how good the Duncan did sound. My Goldtop p-90's are by far the best sounding pickups out of any guitar I have owned.
  11. BSeneca

    Vintage harness 1957...harness with P90 1956 ..value?

    Well from experience I put a vintage P90 into my 1958 Junior and the Duncan Antiquity sounded BETTER. A LOT better. I have owned 3 juniors one was an all original 54 the other two are and were a 55 and the aforementioned 58. In my experience the 54 was the "worst" sounding of the bunch. Not...
  12. BSeneca

    How blown away will I be?

    "Blown Away" may be a stretch but I will say I played, owned and sold USA Gibson for years before I got my first R9. I was very impressed and yes there is a definite step up in quality, woods etc. The biggest thing I immediately noticed was sustain! I really feel the long neck tenon makes a big...
  13. BSeneca

    Jimmy Wallace Pickups?

    I have bought many guitars from Jimmy and consider him a personal friend. I had a Esquire pickup from him and my friend Matt had some humbuckers. Both sounded fantastic!
  14. BSeneca

    Woo hoo Summer Philly

    I get back from the beach that Saturday. Gonna try and get there Sunday. Havent seen everyone in a couple years. Its time
  15. BSeneca


    Damn thats nice buddy. Dont need another R9 unfortunately GLWS
  16. BSeneca

    First Vintage Les Paul, 1973 Custom

    Congrats! And you are better off with the re fret. My buddy growing up had a 72 with the embossed covers and the frets were INVISIBLE. And I used to play that guitar when it was only about 10 or 11 years old so it wasnt fret wear, it was very minty still in 82 83. Nice guitar
  17. BSeneca

    Amazing Headstock Repair!

    Glad you got it fixed. I NEVER hang my 52 or my R9 or my 55 Junior. They stay in their cases.
  18. BSeneca

    NGD: Another R8!

    Very nice. Everything looks right. You can date it by the second number in the serial. The 8 represents 58 the next number is 9 representing in this case 2019. This can become confusing as it could be a 99 or 09 but the font changed from 99 so you are safe there and the COA changed from 09 so I...
  19. BSeneca

    Finally found my R9

    Congrats! I love the color. Ive had several R8 and R9's. Three were cherry which I love. But then I start seeing lemon and seems to look more old or vintage. Ive had two lemons one currently. It is a great guitar but now I see your and I want CHERRY AGAIN!! Thanks ALOT! Just kidding enjoy your...
  20. BSeneca

    Wondering about getting a vintage piece.

    I know what you mean! I have owned a 58 double cut that was non original pickup and headstock repair for 3k! I bought an all original except refin for 3.2k. I sold my 1980 Corvette and had what I thought was a substantial amount of money to buy a straight 56-60. NOT! Not even close! I was...

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