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  1. harrie 0492

    What other Gibsons do you put with your Les Pauls?

    He J are the 94ers reissues gone ??
  2. harrie 0492

    Wild Top Wednesday! And NGD 2014 spec R9

    Hallo J, again beautyful top
  3. harrie 0492

    Lets see your 68 Custom RI

    Wow thats a beautyfull axe
  4. harrie 0492

    NGD: 2022 Insanity!

    Psychedelic Les Paul
  5. harrie 0492

    2018 R8 case and Bigsby fitment question

    Cut the dogbone ??
  6. harrie 0492

    Duane top

    On the Wildwood site, hallo Forummembers yes ore no, looks like Hotlanta ??
  7. harrie 0492

    Five piece top, 73 Custom

    Black beauty
  8. harrie 0492

    NGD: ALLMAN #29

    Holy smoke, thats my DREAM guitar dream on Harrys last freakout
  9. harrie 0492

    Help with value of Gibson company aging (not Murphy Lab)

    In the house aged looks fake as H
  10. harrie 0492

    1999 40th anniversary Murphy Painted /aged for Vintage World

    Out demonds out BEAUTYFULLLLLLL
  11. harrie 0492

    NGD - 2007 Gibson Custom Shop 68RI LPC

    The color, hardware and a Bigsby ooo the wetter the better
  12. harrie 0492

    Gibson les paul custom 2004 neck finish crack?

    That looks great, look at this video that headstock
  13. harrie 0492

    NGD 2021 Honeyburst 50s MOD

    Wow thats a beautyful TOP killer
  14. harrie 0492

    59 Reissue Les Paul in Church

    Oke it looks like the devil BEAUTYFULLLLL
  15. harrie 0492

    A few Les Pauls and a few Marshalls

    And now a black beauty 3 pickup bigsby

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