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    Ozark Sunset

    It was a nice evening in the Ozarks to just sit on the porch with a cold glass of sweet-tea and my acoustic and watch the sun go down. :)
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    Rodney Crowell - Awesome Song!

    Any Rodney Crowell fans? He's a heck of a song writer and artist. Johnny Cash was his father-in-law. I love the lyrics and guitar in this song. Turn it up loud and give a listen. The guy playing that Fender sure can make it ring. :) Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand Live - YouTube
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    New Holster Day ( Warning Gun Content )

    Got my new holster today. It's made by Gould & Goodrich and is a model from their Gold line of holsters. Fits my Rock Island like a glove. I concider myself lucky. Got it off Ebay for less than half retail price. G&G are well known for making quallity holsters for Law Enforcement. It's vegetable...
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    Crime & Punishment?

    I've been saying, as have a lot of you, that we need to enforce the laws we already have not simply make new ones. I just watched "I Almost Got Away With It" a true crime show that brought home the point. This is the scenario; Guy robs several banks, with a gun of course. Guy enjoys...
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    One Big Snake

    Just saw this on the local news. A guy in Dallas County, Arkansas killed this Rattlesnake weighing in at 44 lbs with 22 rattles. The Conservation Department is saying it looks like the real deal. Didn't say what kind but in these parts I'm guessing a Timber Rattler. Howed you like to find that...
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    Assault Weapon?

    I don't have much need for an assault weapon but this rocks! :naughty:
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    Interesting take on crime stats

    Choose Your Own Crime Stats - YouTube Sorry guys, for some reason it won't let me post the video so had to post the link. Every time I try it logs me off.
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    For Fracture & CWness

    CHIPMUNK & BEAR This is what I was told as a boy.....Long ago when animals could talk, a bear was walking along through the forest. Now it has always been said that bears think very highly of themselves. Since they are big and strong, they are quite certain that they are the most important of...
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    Just An Update

    ......for those who care. :) The operation was a lot worse than anticipated but I'm almost back to normal....well as normal as I get. ;) My Hemaglobin count dropped scary low but lots of food rich in iron and good vitamins has it back up almost to where it should be. My heart rate is crazy fast...
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    Rock & Roll Baby!

    If you like Rock & Roll you should know it's roots. This guy was there at the beginning and played a large roll in getting Rock started. The MAN Carl Perkins & friends; Rockabilly Session; Carl Perkins & Friends - YouTube
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    Just dropped in to say Hi. I'm doing much better. Still pretty weak but the pain is more managible and I even got out of the hoiuse yesterday. My son took me shopping. Still can't play guitar yet but hopefuly soon. Take care everyone and in case I don't make it back before then wishing you all...
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    Hanging In There

    Wanted to give y'all an update. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing a little better every day. Finaly sleeping good and got my apetite back though I get full pretty quick. I lost 25 pounds since the operation but am holding my own and hope to gain some of it back. I'm at 149 now. It sucks I...
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    Home From Hospital

    I had the heart valve surgery tuesday morning. It was much worse than expected. The operation took 8 1/2 hours not including recovery. They had to stop my heart after all. This hurts wayyyyyy worse than my tripple bypass did. Can't drive for 6 weeks and pain expected to last for months. Just...
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    Surgery Tuesday

    Well, after all the delays it's finaly getting done. They will operate on my heart valve first thing Tuesday morning at 5am. Then a minimum of 5 days in ICU, two weeks recovery at home and then Heart Rehab again for the 4th time. My daughter took leave from the Navy and will be there along with...
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    Got A Cool Surprise Today

    I found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox today. A friend in Germany sent me this hand sculpted, in Germany, bone guitar pick. Pretty cool. :)
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    I'm back

    We got back yesterday because I had the apointment with my heart surgeon today. My son and I both scored nice Does for the freezer and had a great time. I got better news than expected from the surgeon. he said he thinks he can repair the existing valve rather than have to replace it. He said...
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    Later Folks

    I'm leaving in the morning to go on an archery hunting trip with my son. I see my heart surgeon the 26th to finaly set the date for the valve replacement and am going to spend as much time with my son as possible before going under the knife. It is going to be awesome spending time in the woods...
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    Songs That Made You Love Guitar

    You have a song that made you want to learn to play? One that grabbed ya and just wouldn't let go? This is one of those songs that made me fall in love with an acoustic guitar. All these years later and it still just reaches out and grabs ya! How can you listen to such a song and not want to...
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    Where Were You In 69?

    Atlanta Rhythm Section Homesick - YouTube
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    Home Security

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