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  1. El_Greco

    Faber bridge and tailpiece upgrade on my LP std (lots of pics)

    Hi guys! I've been having some minor issues with the stock bridge on my standard lately, nothing major really, but stuff that still bugged me. I've also wanted to give this a try for some time now, so after reading some threads and reviews here I decided to go for it. Plus I love the look of...
  2. El_Greco

    11-12 fret mutes when bending high E string

    Hi guys, I could use some help (again)... I changed strings on my std a few days ago, messed with the action abit, set it a little lower. Now after that I got a little fretbuzz, though nothing you would hear through the amp even when playing clean. The real problem is my high E string would...
  3. El_Greco

    Issues with bridge

    Hi guys, I have a question. I bought my LP '08 std some months ago (obligatory shot follows). :) I can honestly say I have had no problems with it so far. It's just that the action was a bit too high for my taste, so I tried to set it up today. While doing that I noticed that the filed...
  4. El_Greco

    He went full Yngwie...

    ..without the straplock.
  5. El_Greco

    This guy makes me feel seriously bad about myself....

    Exceptional playing. Amazing acoustic guitar solo by Estas Tonne - YouTube
  6. El_Greco

    As you set out for Ithaca...

    It's all about the journey boys! :) Ithaca by C.P.Cavafy (with Sean Connery & Vangelis) - YouTube
  7. El_Greco

    After 2 weeks of waiting... NAD!

    I had two weeks for this baby to arrive. Loving it!
  8. El_Greco

    NPD check out my new sparkly toy :)

    Just arrived with the mail today :) Now I'm waiting for my Blackstar to arrive so I can finally try it out :/
  9. El_Greco

    To all those who did their duty on Febr 14th

    Happy Steak&BJ day guys! :D
  10. El_Greco

    Master Yoda approves! :D

    My RG550! :)
  11. El_Greco

    Tribute to the Bud spencer & Terence Hill classics!

    Man I used to LOVE watching these guys as a kid! Io sto con gli ippopotami - colonna sonora - YouTube They Call Me Trinity (Lo Chiamavano Trinità - Theme) - YouTube Slap scene from Trinity is still my name - YouTube
  12. El_Greco

    Need soem help with this tune!

    Hi guys, I've been working on this song by the great Rory: Rory Gallagher - Bad Penny - Live at Rockpalast 1982 - YouTube I got the verses and the chorus part down, since the solo is quite extended and I don't want to use tabs (because I actually want to learn while learning:P) I thought I...
  13. El_Greco

    Gary Clark Jr. Incredible song, been stuck on this for a few weeks now.

    Killer riff! :D Gary Clark Jr. - "When My Train Pulls In" (Live at WFUV) - YouTube
  14. El_Greco

    Badass rig for my new LP, VOX AC30 + Marshall!

    So I'm running my first Gibson LP through a Vox AC30 and a Marshall cab...
  15. El_Greco

    MIJ Fender Jazzmaster need some info

    Hi, I've been offered this MIJ Jazzmaster which is from what I could gather somewhat a rarity in trade of my Tokai LS90. Now I know Tokai, but not the MIJ Fenders, any of you who could help me with some info about this model as in value, sound, mojo? :P Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  16. El_Greco

    Need some Help, got offered a trade for my Tokai

    Hi guys, I could use some help on this... I got offered to trade my Tokai LS90 for a 94/95 Fujigen MIJ Fender jazzmaster, which from what I could gather is somewhat a rarity, due to the block inlays. I've attached a pic of the guitar. The guy sent me more, headstock an serial included, I coul...
  17. El_Greco

    NGD!!! My first Gibson at last!

    She has arrived. She is mine at last. My first Gibson Les Paul standard. She's a 2007 std in desert burst and she is HOOOOOT! I couln't shoot any decent pictures in this lighting (it's midnight here) so for now I will post the selelrs pics as well as some crappy ones I just took. Will be...
  18. El_Greco

    Looks tasty...

    So I was at the airport back home a few weeks ago when i came across this...
  19. El_Greco

    Funny and sad at the same time...

  20. El_Greco

    heeheehee :)

    She's not new, but I love posting pics of her.. :naughty:

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