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  1. sean413

    Phaez daisy cutter / blackface

    I got a phaez 18 watt el84 daisy cutter /corona (Footswitchable ) tube bufferd Fx loop ,with Line out , and channel blend switch on the back $500 plus PayPal fee , free shipping... it comes with a padded case and a Footswitch Located in western mass and will do better for cash and no shipping...
  2. sean413

    Way huge echo puss

    Way huge echopuss. In good condition has Velcro and box $100 please add 3% for pp
  3. sean413

    Phaez daisy cutter/ corona 18watts

    Hey guys I'm selling a phaez two channel amp, it's a daisy cutter (dumble style ) and a corona (blackface) this is a one hole (foot switchable and comes with with the foot switch) also it has a toggle on the back to blend both channels together, Has a tube bufferd fx loop, Has a line out so...
  4. sean413

    Wtf dover drive for echorec

    Nothing to see please delete
  5. sean413

    Skreddy hybrid fuzz driver!

    I have for sale a mint skreddy hybrid fuzz driver has Velcro and the box. $200 shipped... avoid the wait time get it today Not really looking for a trades but if you have too I'll take a vapor trail ,carbon copy , or mooer wahter plus cash
  6. sean413

    2010 Gibson class5

    Hey guys I'm looking to sell my 2010 gibson class5 to help pay for closing costs on a house. asking price is $2500. The guitar has some "mods" the tuners have been switched out to groovers and the pic ups have been changed to seymour Duncan jb/59 set. There are two small imperfections on...
  7. sean413

    Moding a golden age roller bridge??

    So didn't realise what the difference was from abr-1 to Nashville style till I picked up the golden age roller bridge that I wanted to use on a guitar that has a abr installed since I'm not going to change my guitar from that... I was wondering if it made sense to use my drill press to drill the...
  8. sean413

    Supa puss delay ($170)and mkii tonbender ($50)

    Up for grabs is a couple pedals 1.Way huge Supa puss; it has been sent back to fix the volume drop and is in perfect working order ($170)with box 2. is a mkii tone bender fuzz clone it's kinda a left over parts bin build, hand etched enclosure, two silicone and two germs in there...
  9. sean413

    Orange or15h

    Hey guys I've got a orange or15h I took in on a trade deal.. After playing it a week I realise dont have a real use for it. It's in good condition a small scratch through the orange logos and a scuff on the corner metal (easy fix) . I'd really like to get $550. I can do a better price if I...
  10. sean413

    Wtb skreddy hybrid fuzz driver

    If you got one you'd like to let go send me a pm!
  11. sean413

    Ngd class 5 lp

    I've been meaning to post this for a couple days now. These sort of things aren't really my style but man she's pretty Ive named her savannah
  12. sean413

    1996 Goldtop classic

    I have up for grabs is a 1996 les paul classic. This guitar has never been gigged and has lived most of its life in the case(I even have the cardboard box it was shipped in. The guitar is in amazing shape. Only reason I'm selling is cause I'm not a fan of 60's slim necks. Would love to get my...
  13. sean413

    Firebird kit???

    Does anyone one know where/who builds or would build a quality unfinished firebird ?
  14. sean413

    Gibson transparent green lp special

    Hey fellas, I've got a les paul special up for grabs it's a limited color not a lot of these floating around it comes with a hard shell case. It's got bums scrapes and was a players guitar for a long time.the head stock was broken at one point but has been professional repaired by...
  15. sean413

    Wtb strymon bigsky

    If you have one and your willing to part ways with it or know somone selling them send me a pm or email me at [email protected] .com Thanks !
  16. sean413

    Allparts strat neck $125 shipped

  17. sean413

    Phaez daisy cutter8 head

    The title says it all I have a dc8 with head cab $450 shipped or $375 for just the chassis has a loop. I'm gonna kick myself in butt for this later but it must be done. The 1x12 is not included just wanted to show how awesome it looks
  18. sean413

    Phaez sibly 6v6

    I'm selling my phaez sibly 6v6 gold faceplate with tubes and black headcase. This amp is a monster and sounds great. I'm asking $625. I'm only selling it to fund another amp here in the classifieds. So if that amp sells then I will take this one off the market. Great amp... Will post pictures...
  19. sean413

    Amp tech guys I have a question

    So I got another badcat unleash today and I wanted to use it for some silent recording. I talked to the guys from badcat and they said the unleash needs to have some type of dumby load so the class d power amp doesn't blow up. One of the tech suggested that I use a 4ohm 200 watt resistor after...
  20. sean413

    Amptweakers tight metal! Mint!

    I have up for grabs is a amptweakers tight metal in mint condition box and papers. This pedal is prolly the best heavy/ hard rock pedal in the market has tons and tons of awesome features including its own fx loop and bypass loop. It also has it's own gate control to help keep down unwanted...

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