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  1. ChrissDR

    NPD Boss RV500 + Strymon BlueSky and TimeLine

    Use in stereo or mono mode? Something wrong with the stereo mode, because when choose a mode, the dry signal cut for a little. If is turn off the stereo at output to A:DIR B:EFX, when i engage the pedal, not cut the signal. Do you have the same? Or my RV-500 is wrong?
  2. ChrissDR

    NPD Boss RV500 + Strymon BlueSky and TimeLine

    Sure, but I'm still in the learning phase :D Room, plate and hall easy to use, i think the setup is only depends on taste. Shimmer i tricky, because the effect volume in all preset i high! So you have to turn down volume. I'm matching the blue sky shimmer, and the timelines ice mode. Both of...
  3. ChrissDR

    NPD Boss RV500 + Strymon BlueSky and TimeLine

    Hello Maniacs! 2 weeks ago entered the local dealer to try BigSky, RV500 and BlueSky. Desclaimer: never used a big reverb or delay machine, what means in the first half hour not realised to use the bank up and down :D So. Would like to do a shimmer test first. BigSky: great sound after i...
  4. ChrissDR

    NGD - Gibson Custom Limited Run Les Paul Custom Yellow Widow Burst

    I don't like when the binding on an old black bauty goes yellow. But man! This is fookin badass! VERY NICE SCORE!!!
  5. ChrissDR

    New 2018 Classic colours!

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus SATIN OCEAN BLUE! Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus SATIN VINTAGE SUNBURST Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus WINE RED VINTAGE
  6. ChrissDR

    2017 LP Classic Green Ocean Burst

    not nitro? :O (now it's good news for my bluberry!)
  7. ChrissDR

    2017 LP Classic Green Ocean Burst

    Green ocean is great. The colour always turn to yellowish. So i think its gonna fine after 50 years :D
  8. ChrissDR

    Richie Faulkner signature Epiphone Flying V

    looks great! But why not a proper gibson? I'm afraid of the chinese guitars. Ok it's come with EMG's but dunno. Hope it's gonna good!
  9. ChrissDR

    How fixable are these issues from factory?

    The question is good! Have the same binding issue. When i opened the case first time, didn't see it, because of the the gorgeous look and feel. When i realize the QC thinking to send it back because of the price point. One of my luthier frainds said to me, that won't send it back, who do you...
  10. ChrissDR

    New guitar- line under side of the nut

    Just the nitro finish. Don't care. When you change the nut, the luthier have to cut this part. Don't peel it if because, sometimes a litte colour comes off too.
  11. ChrissDR

    Who Likes the Coil Tap Option, and How Often do You Use it?

    Coil tap and coil spilt are two different things. Coil tap in standards. I think its only usable in ambient environment. On HP models, you can switch the tap to split. Thats a different beast. Sounds between single coil and p90.
  12. ChrissDR

    New LP choice - Tribute vs Studio

    +1 Tribute looks like an old/vintage/aged les paul. Faded looks like a Les Paul from amazon :D And the faded is not real faded because it's a glossy faded (paradox)
  13. ChrissDR

    New LP choice - Tribute vs Studio

    Because the tribute is better :D Faded is the low-end les paul, looks cheap, and modern weight relief. The 2017 Tribute line is the best guitar for that price. Good looking and traditional weight relief. (i prefer the honeyburst, if you can choose, but in that price range, the colour is...
  14. ChrissDR

    NGD - 2017 LTD Les Paul Custom, Holy Cow!

    HNGD! VERY NICE SCORE, and good photos!!! :jam:
  15. ChrissDR

    Torrefied Granadillo Looks Pretty Good!

    Gibson uses granadillo, but fender works with EBONY! Look the link!
  16. ChrissDR

    NGD...My first Gibson Les Paul. BB for my BD!

    HNGD! Nice axe!
  17. ChrissDR

    Possible NGD LP Custom Green Widow Burst

    Nice and clever choice! My local dealer said me 2 years ago, when i would like to buy from him a studio pro (next to my 2015 studio), not buy it. "If you can afford, sell the studio and, buy a standard or custom, because they always be in you mind. After you have a standard, you are going to by...
  18. ChrissDR

    Possible NGD LP Custom Green Widow Burst

    which 4 guitars?! Love the widow series!

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