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  1. Kossfinger

    Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    This thread is for the general discussion of the amplifiers Marshall model 1987 50w amp. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Kossfinger

    Les Pauls Today...What do you think?

    I'm 52 years old. Been playing since I was 7. I play in local clubs, some out of state shows. I'm a well rounded player w blues, jazz chops..but a rocker at the core. I've restored many guitars since the 80's. worked in a music retail store for 10 years... I have a collection of...
  3. Kossfinger

    2014 Les Paul 58 Lemon HOG

    I'm posting my 2014-58 from hog or sale. Played once at rehearsal. Bone stock, as new. No issues or changes. Plays great, super low action No fretting out w big bends. Orig case w all candy. $3500.00 shipped. Intersted parties contact me here or At bigwheel63 live dot com.
  4. Kossfinger

    New 2014 R9

    It arrived yesterday. I was nervous and hoped it would smile at me, instead of giving me the finger! I popped the case open and grinned at its appearance. Now the moment of truth... Will it allow me to do five fret bends without choking out????? Bam!! No problem... Victory! A minute later, I get...

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