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  1. questionman

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

    Soooooo much not good looking CGI
  2. questionman

    Rude and unfriendly

    Damn shit hits the fan at work and I miss the good stuff Almost as good as the Pats getting curb stomped by the Bills
  3. questionman

    Biggest complaints about consistent Fender Stratocaster features? Wanting to learn for a build I'm planning.

    Still no consistent tone knob for the bridge pickup Sharp screws on saddles Still using 6 screw bridge - 2 point is where its at Lack of mahogany bodies Lack of ebony fretboards
  4. questionman

    NFL Football 2022-23

    TBH.....totally forgot he was an NFL player Guess that kinda explains why
  5. questionman

    New Metallica!

    God I gotta wait till August 2024???
  6. questionman

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    Thankfully nothing Almost drunkenly bought an electronic drum set (which I still might by not drunkenly), Fender Tone Master Super Reverb and an Explorer, each separate occasions
  7. questionman

    NAD Bought this home today….m

    Man I bought my HT40 for $300 new when a shop was going out of sale, I would never get rid of the thing, love that amp Have been itching to try one of those out though
  8. questionman

    2022 World Cup. I'm watching!!!!

    Looks like we’re back to square 1
  9. questionman

    2022 World Cup. I'm watching!!!!

    That Germany Japan game this morning was crazy, I did not see that coming at all I get very into the World Cup, fuck FIFA but I gotta watch this I expect the US to get eliminated early, so instead I root for Poland, family immigrated from there. Once they inevitably are eliminated early, I...
  10. questionman

    Rich Robinson - Assault With A Deadly Telecaster

    My stage, my show Dude would've been in a world of hurt Especially after seeing him throw one of my techs/security guards into the crowd
  11. questionman

    What's reasonable guitar shipping charge?

    From the Northeast, I have never paid under $50 for something going within 350 miles West of Mississippi is easy over $100 Sent a LP to California 3 years ago and it cost me $350 I typically only ship via UPS as they are the only reliable carrier around here. USPS has lost too many letters...
  12. questionman

    Sold: delete

    PM sent
  13. questionman

    RRHoF 2022 Induction Ceremony

    Priest made it in. Only performance I cared about enough to watch. Loved watching Richie playing with KK and Glenn
  14. questionman

    Black Friday Steals and Deals

    Those chairs are a choice......
  15. questionman

    Brave or Dumb.....

    Caught my buddys early 70s Custom from falling awhile back after a cat jumped onto his amp. Granted the idiot leans his LPs direct against his half stacks with cables still plugged in, that is what I would call dumb
  16. questionman

    It sucks to be successful and have a lot of fans that want to see you.

    Tell me about it $600+ for 2 tickets to Maiden. $400 for a hotel for 1 night. And every bar/restaurant was closed that night minus 3 chains that were fully booked until the show started And got harassed by a few homeless dudes for not sharing our dope walking back from the one hole in the...
  17. questionman

    Dave Mustaine LP coming?

    Or more recently

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