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  1. Leroy

    Sanford magnetics P90s

    It happened to me. Put an order in, months go by and nothing. Emailed him. Said the delay was due to an accident. No probs, stuff happens. More months go by and nothing. Emailed him again. He offered a refund which i accepted and the money was paid back. He seems like an honest guy who got...
  2. Leroy

    What's up with this Telecaster plan?

    The original is still downloadable if you use the wayback machine Leroy
  3. Leroy

    Cheap caps worth buying?

    The cap forms part of a -3db low pass filter. High frequencies are shunted to ground through the cap and are therefore no longer in the signal path. All frequencies above the point go through (not through the cap) unaffected to the amp. How then does the cap type have an effect? Simple, it...
  4. Leroy

    Do Pre-Amp Tubes Really Alter Basic Tone?

    12AX7's are a manufactured device built to be within certain criteria. Like all manufactured parts their tolerances will vary by an allowable amount set by the manufacture. You can buy two valves built by the same company on the same day and they could vary by 10%. Also the construction methods...
  5. Leroy

    Any love for the LP100?

    My early 2000's lp100 had the best neck on any guitar I've ever played. And yes I sold it.....:mad:
  6. Leroy

    yeehar NGD 07 junior

    I miss my Jr..... You might want to look at adding locking posts for the bridge too. Great mod and not to expensive either. I hope you've got a great tube amp. Awesome combo. Leroy
  7. Leroy

    LPC w/ Nickel? Lets see em!

    Google images is your friend:) Leroy
  8. Leroy

    2012 fret board issue??

    A refret after 3 years?? I'd be more concerned with what they made the frets out of and not the board itself. Leroy
  9. Leroy

    Blotchy stain on White Korina

    Ok. I've found miniwax wood conditioner at the local. I'll try that. I'm determined to get this right as I love Jr's and I want this to look as good as it will sound. Thanks Leroy
  10. Leroy

    Blotchy stain on White Korina

    Well i can confirm that the stain doesn't mix with either the tru oil or wipe on poly. I know that miniwax sell stains that are compatible with their poly. I might have to look at staining the poly. Leroy
  11. Leroy

    Blotchy stain on White Korina

    Its already grain filled. The stew mac water based stains aren't compatible with wipe on poly from what I've read. Tru oil too. Leroy
  12. Leroy

    Playing live:Pickups still sound as you expect ?

    I'm not Zhang, but I agree. I don't think that the sound coming out of the cab speakers or folds sounds different but what you here on stage defiantly changes. The room size, shape and material changes the reflections and what frequencies are absorbed. Some rooms make me sound muffled and some...
  13. Leroy

    NGD: Epi LP-Custom P90

    That's a great looking guitar. Do you have any further info on that model?? I've never seen that one before. Leroy
  14. Leroy

    NGD (I'm doing my Snoopy dance!)

    Congrats!! Wine red and gold hardware always looks awesome. Trying to explain a NGD to a non guitarist is an exercise in futility. The best I can come up with is it's like being 5 years old on Christmas day. That thing needs to be plugged into a cranked Marshall ASAP. Leroy
  15. Leroy

    2012 lp pickup replacement

    What everyone above is saying is true. The other issue is that even the "same" pickup will vary due to the tolerances. Leroy
  16. Leroy

    Blotchy stain on White Korina

    Hi All I'm build my fifth guitar and so far I've never had any finish issues. I hand finish as I don't have access to spray equipment. My normal process is Grail fill with timbermate>stain>Finish. On this build I've used white Korina for the first time. When I stained it, it did not...
  17. Leroy

    Seymour Duncan Jazz

    It does sound good. But not quite as good as when i switch to the Wolftone Marshallhead in the bridge on full:naughty: Leroy
  18. Leroy

    Seymour Duncan Jazz

    I have a couple of jazz's in two guitars. My clean tone is from rolling the neck volume back using a plexi. They're the only pickup ove owned that doesn't lose high end when I go this. What some describe as bright I describe as clarity. Leroy
  19. Leroy

    New Pickup Day: Wolfetone Dr. Vintage!

    I have quite a few Wolftones. My main guitar has a Marshallhead A2 in the bridge. The fact that they're unpotted helps with the tone (IMHO). Mine does feedback at high volumes but it's not the unpotted kind of feedback (had an Epi that did that years ago). It's the notes drifting slowly into...
  20. Leroy

    Tone loss with only 2 pedals, roughly 10 feet of cable?

    Best advise i can give is buy a small cheap loop pedal. No a looper, but a loop. Like this one MOEN NLP1 - 1Loop - Guitar Single Loop Pedal - Routing Effects | Swamp Put your effects in the loop. It will allow you to switch with true bypass between guitar to amp and guitar to pedal to amp...

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