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  1. morats8up

    Just picked up a beauty

    Went into a pawn shop looking for certain ammo to no surprise they didn’t have it but they had something that put a smile on my face and I broke the high E right away, Joe Pass Epiphone that was flawless. I’m freaking so stoked that I finally have a guitar that can be so versatile and yet play...
  2. morats8up

    RUSH sad to see them gone

    I don’t post much but please forgive me as I miss the fact that this band has Left the scene breaks my heart. What’s even worse is I’m too ignorant to post what I think is their best song in my opinion. La Villa Strangiato. Sorry for my ignorance, you guys are great
  3. morats8up

    New Cat Day, Thing is a BEAST!

    So, after a five year moratorium on any guitars or gear, the spell has been broken! About a month ago I became aware of this amp by accident and bought it sight unseen, now It's finally home. The amp had been sitting unused since 2012 so I know it's at least that old. I cannot find any info...
  4. morats8up

    KXM... What a badass group of my favorites.
  5. morats8up

    2013 Gary Moore on San Antonio CL $1400

    Gary Moore Les Paul Standard Need to sell ASAP Don't have the cash myself.
  6. morats8up

    Found some vintage concert patches of ZZ TOP And RUSH given at the show

    Used to have about six different ones, can only find the two. Did other cities besides St Louis have any of these? Seen Rush on the 3rd and 5th night, Freaking awesome! ZZ did what they do best and owned it. Felt bad for Loverboy until they broke out with "Turn me loose" The crowd didn't...
  7. morats8up

    FS-Vintage 84/ 85 Whiteface Rat (No reissue) and Ibanez Pedals

    Due to unforeseen circumstances i'm selling my original (No reissue) Whiteface Rat distortion pedal that I purchased new in 85 ser.# 026462. Everything works perfect, The battery cover has been replaced. The pot codes date to the 42 week of 84. The pedal is in really great condition for it's...
  8. morats8up

    Craigslist post selling 59 reissue

    gibson les paul Not mine but, Maybe someone would be interested in giving this person a "Fair" price.
  9. morats8up

    09 Edwards 98LTS Lemon Drop ***Pic heavey***

    Yet another painful catch and release. :) The guitar is in a smoke free home and has never left the house. There are two blemishes on the back near the side edge, Nothing else besides light playing wear. Virtually no fret wear to speak of as well. More pics: Edwards Lemon drop pictures by...
  10. morats8up

    MIJ Epiphone LQ Ebony Custom looking for new home

    It was suggested by another member that I post this in the Epiphone section. If i'm out of line, Please delete. Here is a link to the original post:
  11. morats8up

    FS/ 05 MIJ Epiphone LQ Ebony Custom W/ TKL case

    It is with a heavy heart that my 05 MIJ Epiphone LQ is for sale. The guitar is completely stock except for the witch hat knobs and truss rod cover, Originals are included. The only blemish of any kind is pictured with the coin for reference, (A freak cord tip incident) There is no other trauma...
  12. morats8up

    FS- 03 Fender Classic 60's Strat

    03 Fender Classic 60's with upgraded EMG SA pickup set ($200), These pickup's sound awesome with virtually no noise.The guitar itself is in fantastic shape for it's age with nothing more than slight playing wear, No trauma! Tremolo bar included and ships in a Fender road case as well...
  13. morats8up

    FS- Agile AL 3000 Tribal Blue (Pic heavey)

    As painful as it is, I'm selling my Tribal blue Agile AL 3000 with hardshell case. Construction and materials in this guitar is pretty incredible for a it's price range. In my opinion, She's ready to gig! Additional upgrades include: Swithcraft input jack PIO caps .015 neck/ .022 bridge...
  14. morats8up

    FS- Fender Bronco tweed

    Fender Bronco tweed works great and is very loud for it's size. For some reason the plating on faceplate and handle ends were already "Aged" or something when I bought it, I have no idea how or why but everything else is in great shape inside and out. I originally bought this to convert over to...
  15. morats8up

    FS/ ***Vintage Pedals*** $275 Shipped/ Insured

    For Sale: Four of my vintage Ibanez pedals and one MXR that I'm not sure of the manufacture Date but, I'm pretty sure iv'e had it since somewhere in the 90's. All of the pedals are original, No Re-issue's or mods. They all work perfectly and are in great condition for their age. Here's a link...
  16. morats8up

    Two years...a quick reflection

    Well, It's been a fast two years since my quest to find more info about a Epiphone basket case led me here. Before that, I'd never really spent much time online much less belong to a forum. This forum is completely responsible for my renewed passion for playing and utter obsession of Les Paul...
  17. morats8up

    A Craigslist w/ Vintage Paul's

    Gibson Les Paul deal of a life time Not sure if this is the proper place but, Figured some of you might be interested.
  18. morats8up

    FS: 54 Fender Champ Lap Steel..$800 Shipped /Insured CONUS

    For Sale: 54 Fender Lap Steel W// Original tweed case. Iv'e owned the guitar since the early 90's after buying it from the original owner, I am no authority on condition but, For it's age and after comparing it to other examples, I consider it to be in really great shape. The serial # (01614)...
  19. morats8up

    87 G&L Rampage

    ][][][][][][][][][][][][ FOR SALE It is with a heavy heart that I submit my original 1987 model as made famous by Mr. Cantrell, This is not a tribute. She has been with me for some 22 years as mainly a backup for the most part. The guitar is completely stock except for the 21 year old natural...
  20. morats8up

    NGD/ Epiphone MIJ Custom LQ...*Pic heavy*

    Well, I got her in the mail a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier! First off, Besides a super small dent (The size of pen head) on the top side and the obligatory pickguard scratches, The guitar seemed virtually unplayed. I did wind up buffing quite a bit of tarnish from the frets due...

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