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  1. loneguitar

    Remembering Hank

    Hank Garland Was King Of Nashville Session Men Place a guitar in the hands of legendary Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland and he's quickly plucking strings, playing along with a black and white television image of himself from four decades ago on "Hometown U.S.A." Ask him about the mythic figures he's...
  2. loneguitar

    Article about Hank Garland

    For many of us guitarists, especially if you started in the 60s Hank Garland was a huge influence on me especially. I recently found an article that was written just prior to his death and the hazards of working in the music industry. If yall haven't already I would suggest a viewing of the...
  3. loneguitar

    Hank Garland

    From the Jacksonville Times - THERE WAS MAGIC IN HIS MUSIC By The Times-Union , Elvis Presley and his studio band had run through Little Sister twice, but it was not going well. Something was off. Something was missing. Elvis stopped the recording and looked over at his guitar...
  4. loneguitar

    Tennessee politicians seeking law to protect guitar buyers

    Not sure if you've heard this yet or not, latest on the exotic wood. Cooper, Blackburn Seek Changes to Illegal Wood Law | MyFox Memphis | Fox 13 News
  5. loneguitar

    Les Paul dedication

    Streaming live, the ceremony will begin at 10:oo AM EST. enclosed is the link. Les will be honored with a 500 square foot memorial, along with a bio of his life and works. RIP, Les, We all miss you. IridiumLive | The Iridium
  6. loneguitar

    Remembering Hank Garland

    Most of the younger folks won't recall who he was, but during the 50's and up until '61 he was the hottest session guitarist in Nashville. In '61 he was in a car crash outside of Nashville and was thrown from his station wagon, spent months in a coma and when he woke up had lost most of his...
  7. loneguitar

    Fake AFD on Gbase

    Obvious fake and even has the stickers on the control cavity. Check out the link. I always thought Gbase was reputable, but I guess they don't check their listings. 2010 Gibson Les Paul Slash Appetite for Destruc Amber > Guitars : Electric Solid Body - Railroad Bazaar |
  8. loneguitar

    F/S Slash AFD Les Paul USA

    I have my 2010 MINT Slash AFD Les Paul up for sale. The guitar has not been played and comes in the original shipping box. Asking 3K for it shipping in Continental US.
  9. loneguitar

    30 years ago today the World lost John

    The years have passed quickly, but the pain remains. Whether you liked him or not there is no denying the impact he and the Beatles had on the World. He accomplished more in the 7 years they were together than most do in their lifetimes. Touched billions of hearts and is still mourned today. RIP...
  10. loneguitar

    For those that missed it

    Replay of Jeff Beck tribute to Les Paul Jeff Beck Honors Les Paul HDTV XviD FQM « MegaRelease
  11. loneguitar

    U.S. Marine Corps turns 235 today

    To all who have earned the title - Happy Birthday Sgt. USMC '70 - '74 Where it all began Iron Mike 1st Battalion Plt 1014
  12. loneguitar

    I'm gassin' for a Ric 360/12 V or C model

    If y'all have one of these beauty's please post a pic. Been on my short list for some time now. Thanks in advance.
  13. loneguitar

    My Daughter won this

    In a contest awhile back she put her name in and got a letter last week. On Monday it arrived. What a lucky girl she is.
  14. loneguitar

    Neck pup problem on my ES 335

    I went to my ES 335 last night and have a problem with the neck pup. When I switch to it there is static. I've cleaned the pots with cleaner and pulled the 3 way switch to check for loose, cold solder joints but they seem fine. I reflowed them just to be sure. I can almost eleiminate the static...
  15. loneguitar

    Does anyone have the scoop on Harrisons's Lucy?

    I've heard it was given to George after Clapton played on "While my guitar gently weeps" but what's the story before that? I also heard it was restored prior to Clapton obtaining it, any help is appreciated.
  16. loneguitar

    New Tiger Les Paul?

    Anyone hear of this new model LP? Gibson Dusk Tiger | Guitarless
  17. loneguitar

    100 riffs in minutes

    Has anyone seen this? YouTube - 100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs - one take
  18. loneguitar

    A Les Paul with painted F holes?????

    This one peeked my curiosity anyone ever seen one before? Gibson Custom 58' Les Paul Reissue Painted F-Holes - eBay (item 270423206094 end time Jul-18-09 18:21:13 PDT) The pups look bad, there's just something wrong with this, IMO
  19. loneguitar

    United breaks guitars

    Just caught this, for some of y'all who are still touring thought it was cute. YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
  20. loneguitar

    Ebay -Les Paul Supreme

    Anyone ever see a Supreme with out the split block inlays? I sent the poster an email asking about this, but have yet to receive a reply. Gibson Les Paul Supreme Flamed Maple Autumn Burst - eBay (item 160342141824 end time Jun-21-09 17:11:10 PDT)

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