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    DVD Lessons

    I've really learned a lot lately from John Tuggle. He has some great blues lessons! I bought all 4 Blues DVDs. I stumbled upon him on youtube and really liked his videos. The dvds are even better. YouTube - johntuggle's Channel
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    New Madside Song Featuring WB Hammer Pickups

    Sounds killer!
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    which marshall???

    I love my JCM900 dual reverb halfstack. I have JJ tubes in it and V30s in my cab.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    I mailed it to Gearitis this pass Monday. I'm not sure if he got yet.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    I'm gonna mail it out to Gearitis tomorrow.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    Whoever wants it next, pm me your address.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    I'll send it to the person who responds to this post....being the list is a little messed up.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    Stumble, I found the thread and thanks for sending me the dvd! Who's next in line for the dvd?
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    Who is your favorite YouTube Gibson Player?

    Lately for me it's been Greg Martin YouTube - Shirley's Rufus Huff
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    Keep Will Boggs in your prayers...

    Get well soon Will! Sending some Cajun thoughts and prayers your way.:cheers: If I could, I'd send ya a hot bowl of chicken gumbo.
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    in nees of attenuator guidance

    I have the Weber Mass Lite for my Marshall. I finally got to try it with the band last week. I had my amp on 10 and the Weber at 5. I was getting some cool controllable feedback and tone. It's weird to get that much gain and response at a low volume. The attenuator affects the physics of your...
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    Address forwarded...Thanks bro!
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    The Last Vegas

    I just read about them in the latest Guitar World catalog. I never heard of them before so I'm anxious to see them in a couple of weeks when I see Motley Crue in NOLA.
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    ADLER'S APPETITE anyone?????

    Thanks for the link! Sent a friend's request and ordered a cd.
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    Zep Renunion at the O2...DVD pass-along...

    I would love to see this...hope I can get a shot at the dvd!
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    NEW Landry Amp Clip!

    Nice clips BB!!! I love the tones you are getting with your set up.
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    Les Paul into Blues Junior - Settings?

    I set my Blues Jr. for a good clean tone and I use a Boss Blues Driver for some grit.
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    SG special and WB pickups

    Sounds great Hilario! You made an excellent choice with those pick ups.
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    NEW Landry Amp Clip!

    Sounds killer!!! I've been digging this vid lately!!! YouTube - Landry LS100 Guitar Amp
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    Tomorrow is the day.... Picking up an amp!!!

    I'm so tempted into trying EL34s in my amp. I like the way it sounds with 6l6s but I'm scared I won't like it with EL34s.

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