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  1. ZeppelinManiac00

    New Computer Advice

    This seems like something I should be posting in like Tom's Hardware forums, but I think I trust MLP a bit more. Anyway, over the summer I was thinking about building my own computer. I just thought I'd ask for a bit of advice. I have two builds that I am currently debating (one AMD, and one...
  2. ZeppelinManiac00

    Dunlop Pedal Not Working

    A few months ago I decided to start adding some pedals into the mix of my playing. I've been using a Dunlop Custom Badass '78 Distortion into a Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah Wah pedal, into a cheap fender amp. It's worked great! I haven't been able to play guitar much recently so I go to play today and...
  3. ZeppelinManiac00

    Eastwood Airline 3PU Deluxe

    I started gassing the moment I saw this thing. Now I'm probably not going to go buy one anytime soon (college kid=poor), but I really just want to know if I'm gassing about it for nothing! For some reason there isn't a direct link to the guitar. But if you go to the left side and scroll down...
  4. ZeppelinManiac00

    Randall Diavlo series Amps

    I've finally decided it might be a good idea to do an amp upgrade. I've been using a Line 6 amp for awhile now, but now that I've realized how bad the tone is I feel like I need something new. I've been looking for a tube amp, not something too expensive. Lucky for me, I got a Musician's Friend...
  5. ZeppelinManiac00

    Stupid question about a C chord

    I feel like this may be a stupid question but I'm going to ask because it's been bugging me since I started to play almost 3 years ago. When you play a C chord: (low to high) x32010 why don't you play the low E string? It sounds terrible to me when I do play it and every chord diagram...
  6. ZeppelinManiac00

    M.I.T. Guitar

    I was debating about putting this here or the cellar, but I guess this is slightly better. Anyway, a friend of mine posted this on my FaceBook wall awhile ago, and I just thought of it and you might find it interesting YouTube - Chameleon Guitar
  7. ZeppelinManiac00

    When is a guitarist not a guitarist?

    When they're playing another instrument! (Sorry about ripping your title ilovemypaul, but it seemed to work too well here) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here plays instruments other than just guitar. You can probably tell my signature that I also play saxophone. I actually started...
  8. ZeppelinManiac00

    What's Your Favorite Guitar Riffs???

    Here's my top 10! 1. Sunshine of Your Love-Cream 2. Kashmir-Led Zeppelin 3. Layla-Derek and the Dominoes 4. Iron Man-Black Sabbath 5. You Really Got Me-The Kinks 6. My Generation-The Who 7. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-Iron Butterfly 8. (Don't Fear) The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult 9. Hey Hey, My My...
  9. ZeppelinManiac00

    Old Black'd Epiphone

    Just curious as to if anyone has ever decided to make an Old Black replica out of the '56 Les Paul. If so I'm curious as to how much it would cost incase I ever decide to do it. I love Neil Young's tone and actually I love the look of his guitar.
  10. ZeppelinManiac00

    recording directly into laptop

    When I go to record something it records with an extreme amount of distortion. I had to change some settings because I was getting something that sounded like this Audacity Guitar Recording Problem : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (not me playing). I wasn't sure which one of the...
  11. ZeppelinManiac00

    which string

    for some reason I think this may be a dumb question, but when you're looking at music and for the sake of argument it tells you to play an F. Which string to you play it on? I suppose giving you one note is a bad example but what I mean is, how do you know which string to play the note on? We...
  12. ZeppelinManiac00

    Scientific Tone?

    I always think about this while at school, but then forget to post this once I get home. Anyway... I personally tend to think of things in a scientific way, but there are somethings I really don't get about guitar's tone. I get that the strings, pickups, and maybe the electronics could...
  13. ZeppelinManiac00

    Upgrade Price

    I got bored today and decided to make a list of things I'd like to upgrade on my Epi LP. I added prices too, but my total came out to be almost $200 more than I paid for the guitar. Graph Tech TUSQ: $8.95 Graph Tech Bridge Saddles: $39.99 Bigsby B7 and Vibramate V7: $185 Grover...
  14. ZeppelinManiac00

    Literally, Dream Wiring

    So last night, I was dreaming. In the dream I happened to be modding my Epiphone's wiring. And I was basically wondering if this wiring set-up would give my virtually every combination two humbuckys can offer you. First I'll start by mentioning a few things that I did in my dream -The pickup...
  15. ZeppelinManiac00


    Just a quick question, but does the Burstbucker-3 have two conductor wiring or four? In the future I'm planning on doing a pup swap on my Epi, and I was just wondering because I plan on keeping my coil tapping ability or each pup and maybe even adding a series/parallel switching for each pup...
  16. ZeppelinManiac00

    Epiphone Bridge Questions

    I recently bought the Traditional Pro and love the guitar, but I guess I've been playing my strat too long because I'm kinda have feelings of withdrawal because I don't have a vibrato arm anymore. I was planning on getting a Bigsby B7 + the vibramate, and I was wondering if anyone could find my...
  17. ZeppelinManiac00

    Epiphone Ltd Ed 1970's Inspired Les Paul Custom Blackback Outfit

    I was thinking about buying a new guitar, and I was going to get The Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro, but then I saw the guitar mentioned in the title. The only problem, I can't find a price for it anywhere. Epiphone lists I can buy it at my local guitar center, but no price. Does anyone know...
  18. ZeppelinManiac00

    HSH Pre-Wired Pickguard

    I have a Squier Strat that I'd like to change around a bit. You might have guessed by the title of this that I want to install an HSH pre-wired pickguard. Does anyone know where they sell them? I don't care if the holes match up as I'm fine with drilling new holes in the body. Anything is...
  19. ZeppelinManiac00

    Custom Gibson Les Paul Guitar Contest

    not exactly sure if this is the right area but... Theoretical Time! Suppose Gibson were to start a yearly contest where people could submit designs and specs for a new Les Paul Model, the winner's design would go into production, with the winners signature on the truss rod cover. I'm...
  20. ZeppelinManiac00

    Can someone confirm my wiring idea?

    My first post! YAY! Anyway I was hoping someone here could confirm or deny something I've been thinking about. I know very little about pickups, but I do know that the humbucking effect is caused by two single coil pickups with opposite polarities. I also don't know very much about coil...

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