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  1. kingguitar

    New Bogner Pedals in stock for immediate Free shipping & no tax.

    Bogner Pedals have Arrived at King Guitar, NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING Red Pedal $299.99 Blue Pedal $299.99 Uber Pedal $249.99 Free Shipping and No Tax outside of Rhode Island. PM me or email at [email protected]
  2. kingguitar

    NGD #3 '59 Gibson Les Paul Replica 9 5464 by Renowned Maker

    The last of the initial run of 1959 Les Paul Sunburst Replicas I had commissioned. This is a medium relic, Sheptone Tributes, IMO ss close as your going to get to a real Burst short of six figures. Sounds Amazing, rings like a old guitar and has the mojo. Heavy Pics:
  3. kingguitar

    NGD #2 '59 Gibson Les Paul Replica 9 7666 by Renowned Maker

    NGD #2, This is the second hand built 1959 Les Paul Replica by a world renowned builder I commissioned 2 years ago for myself. The first one I got was serial number # 9 1971 and was mentioned in this thread...
  4. kingguitar

    NGD - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Replica by world renowned builder.

    I got in touch with a very well regarded builder a few years ago to commission a few of his creations... Dead accurate replica's of lightly aged 1959 Les Paul Sunbursts for my personal collection. This builders name is redacted on purpose but he is regarded as one of the top 2 Sunburst...
  5. kingguitar

    New 1 Watt Marshall 50th Anniv JTM Combo Amp $799

    Marshall JTM Combo amp, brand new just arrived, limited edition 50th anniversary. Growls like Jimi when cranked up, these amps are too cool. In stock ready to ship. $799
  6. kingguitar

    NGD...Pelham Blue Korina Flying V

    Just traded a nice Tom Anderson Tele for a Music Zoo Pelham Blue Korina Flying V. I have a Brian Monty Korina V Replica I got from Steve Segal of April Wine (Pictured last photo) and I am interested how it will compare. I am told its a feather and sounds great.
  7. kingguitar

    Anybody know the story on this "1958" Gibson Explorer that sold on eBay last month?

    Says it sold for $34,950. Says it could or could not be a replica. Anybody know this guitar or the story on it? Brad

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