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  1. b3john

    Gibson USA 2019 Line up

    What’s the neck profile look like on the LP Classic?
  2. b3john

    Gibson Files For Bankruptcy Protection

    The president is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the company, where the CEO oversees strategic decisions. There’s value to continue operating the company while they figure out how they want to go forward. But strategic decision-making is going to be handled by the suits at...
  3. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    I've never been a fan of SRAM's DoubleTap road shifters (plus I think its madness to use DOT brake fluid anywhere near a painted carbon frame). I do like the SRAM 1x for MTB (especially Eagle) combined with Shimano brakes.
  4. b3john

    Gibson Files For Bankruptcy Protection

    Great posts, Tone. One thought... The problem with the mechanics of Chapter 11 is that the small creditors who can least afford it (suppliers, etc.) tend to get the shaft.
  5. b3john

    RIP Walter Becker :(

    RIP, Walter Becker.
  6. b3john

    Rocksmith 2014!

    I've been away for a while. I noticed the sale on Steam, and was wondering what's up with all the "Remastered" tracks? Should I have those from the original RS or what? Thanks! John
  7. b3john

    Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69

    Gregg, what can I say? Your music was such a huge influence on this erstwhile pimply-faced piano player, from the very first time I heard "Beginnings" I knew my musical trajectory had changed forever. Throughout my life your songs have brought me great joy and lifted my spirits from dark...
  8. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    My bike fitter showed me a website that displays the difference between different stem angles and lengths, in case you hadn't seen it. Stem Comparison Tool | Lots of websites calculate the net difference (slowtwitch, etc.) but I like the graphical display of this one.
  9. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    Aero frames matter at speeds >20 mph. Or into the wind. Otherwise, not so much. Same thing with aero wheels. Nice to have though, if the weight penalty isn't too much. Not a fan of high bottom brackets myself, the lower it is (within reason of course, pedal strikes are a bitch) the more...
  10. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    Sweet! Looks remarkably like a smaller version of my Domane. :applause: Edit: Which hitch rack is that?
  11. b3john

    No gas GAS

    I appreciate what they're doing with these, especially making a quality electric car at gas car prices. I think that's going to be a winner. Not sure I'm up to fronting $1000 of my hard-earned money, ala Kickstarter, while I wait for them to ramp up production, but definitely interested once...
  12. b3john

    GM's Best Car

    :wtf: They don't even make Pontiacs anymore.
  13. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    The rumors are true: SRAM 12-speed MTB Eagle X01 and XX1 wide-range drivetrain: first look, details and prices - BikeRadar :shock:
  14. b3john

    The New Fender Elites.Opinions.

    The finish on the black Elite Strats have disco flecks similar to the Montego black that Fender used to use in years past for their black Deluxe Strats. I knew I was going to return mine within 5 minutes of opening up the case.
  15. b3john

    I Want To Be A VIP Member

    I went to Hell on my trip to the Caymans. It was good to, ya know, get that out of the way.
  16. b3john

    Not to be a dick, but...

    You clearly don't get it. He's saying, if you're going to post something for sale in the MLP Classifieds, post it for sale in the MLP Classifieds. Pics, description, price. I don't see why that's so hard. Interestingly enough, that's what the house rules say. Maybe Alex can modernize...
  17. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    Every time I buy a cassette I always buy two chains, one for now and one for the next replacement. But I got the Trek Care Plus with that bike (program since discontinued) which includes replacement hardware like worn chains, cassettes, chainrings, etc. for three years, so that takes me off my...
  18. b3john

    I Want To Be A VIP Member

    No, no, no... You press the floss down to cut, then pull it out sideways. If you're just gonna lift the floss up, you might as well go full amateur hour and use a knife. <sheesh> You're :welcome:
  19. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    I've currently got a 50/34 compact with an 11-28 cassette, and while that was sufficient last summer, this spring it's just not cutting it for hill repeats past about 10% grades. :shock: I've ordered an 11-32 with a mid cage rear derailleur and hope to get that put on next week.
  20. b3john

    All things "bicycle".....

    Sadly, nothing like that around here either. That profile is day 5 of this fall's Cycle Oregon. :shock: I spend plenty of time on hill repeats, and there's no shortage of headwinds, but no epic climbs to train on without traveling.

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